Through the Years: A Look Back

At this time of year, pull out your pictures and let them take you on a journey of fun, family, friends, tears and laughter.  Pictures can minister to us in ways that words cannot. I remember…
Jane & Baby Doll Christmas in Cheswick

My Shirley Temple doll I got at Christmas.

Chuck Christmas as Music ManThe love of a husband that enjoyed Christmas (still miss ya, Honey).

Becca Christmas bagA daughter that was and still is the meaning of JOY year round.

Becca & MsA Christmas 3755 SoapstoneA GREAT friend that loves your family as much as they love you!

Becky & Bud Christmas CheerFamily that knows how to have fun, give love and laugh!

Mom & Me HandsHolding the hand of my Mom never gets old even when we do!

Becca & Bud Christmas GamingA Dad and Grandfather that can be as silly as any child!

Becca & Jane 1st GA Christmas

A make a gift from God’s gift to me because He loves me.


My two pillars of encouragement.
Sister & Daughter
I am Blessed.

John, Denise, Jane, Bruce & Retta

My family then…

Swoager Family 2015

My family now
Older, wiser (maybe), but blessed to have each other and love each other through the years!

It is my desire to inspire you to tell your family and friends how much they mean to you. Remember, take pictures, share pictures and remember the journey.

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