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Greetings, this is Jane Babich, welcome and thank you for stopping by Fireborn Inspirations, a collection of spiritual food for those that have an ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying (Revelation 2:29).  I have had the privilege of walking with Dr. Audrey Aikens in her revelatory ministry for many years and it is my honor to post her teaching notes from the many years of ministry here on Fireborn. 

These teachings are rich with revelation, definitions and Apostolic perspectives from her decades of studying the Word. Click here to go to the teaching posts.

In addition, after some of the teaching sessions, Dr. Aikens and I discussed the teaching in our “Fireside Chats”, a podcast series of additonal revelation from the Holy Spirit with “nuggets of truth” and life changing “concepts”. Take a listen here.

Finally, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to share the profound, life changing principles I learned by walking with Apostle Aikens in a series of podcasts titled, “Walking with an Apostle”. These podcasts are a testament of how God used one of His to teach me about unconditional love. (Romans 8:38-39)

If you are called to walk with a leader in ministry or corporate America, this podcast series will help you gleam the wisdom and knowledge that God means for you to possess as His, walking with His by faith. Take a listen here.

Fireborn Inspiration has been with me for many decades and traces back to when I first learned that God speaks to everyday people as they walk through the trails and fires of life. 

Born in the fire to inspire is when we know our God and are equipped to “choose to overcome”. As we make wise choices to face whatever is holding us back in life, it ignites the embers of hope in others to pursue the same liberty.

Born in the fire to inspire is walking in liberty and embracing the lifestyle of a catalyst to overcome. While doing this we release the inspiration to others to create a well-crafted legacy.

Born in the fire to inspire is being a leader right where you are. We lead by living out loud the integrity and veracity of our purpose when we walk in the liberty of the Spirit of God. It is also being brave of heart to tell our story of being an overcomer, which becomes the help to others to do the same.

It is my desire to inspire you to be the amazing child of God that you are called to be. And that you will embrace that you are fearfully and wonderfully made as described in Psalm 139:14.

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