How 5 Leaders Changed My Life

People come into our life for a reason. God uses people to bless our lives and to bring change into our lives. We need each other, no matter who we are.  This song, by Hezekiah Walker, speaks to this so well, if you want to take a listen.
It is so important that we stop from time to time and remember how people have impacted our life. Today, I want to share with you five people I am blessed to have met.

5 Leaders That Changed My Life

Charles: In 1970, I met my husband, and we were married over 30 years when he went home to be with Jesus.  Because of him, I found my passion for business, realized the gift that I have for problem solving and process writing, and enjoyed years of dancing every weekend.
The greatest change was that God used him to change me from a wife to a mother to our wonderful daughter, Rebecca.  And she has continued to change my life and be a gift that keeps on giving, even today!
Dr. Aikens: In 2002, I met this Servant of God and Minister of the Word at Wholeman Life Trainers.  God used her to bring a major change in my life and walk as a Believer.  She gave me the ability to take The Word and make it applicable into my daily life.
The greatest change was the example of her unshakable faith that no matter what happens, “He’s got her.”  And He is no respecter of persons, so He has got me too!
Michael Hyatt: In 2011, I met this blogger online at his site His leadership blog spoke to me at a time when I was a leader in a changing company as a result of a merger and leadership changes.  He was open about his faith and full of practical wisdom on leadership in corporate America or as an entrepreneur.
The greatest change was that as a result of following his journey, I launched my blog in December of 2013 and realized I was called to stay in corporate America because my season there had not ended.
Jory Fisher: In 2012, I met Jory from a comment she made on Michael Hyatt’s blog.  Her comment made me want to know more about her, so I went to her site and began to read her blog at  After a few months, I reached out and signed up for her course.
The greatest change was that Jory entered my life at a time of real questioning.  Working with her for that season changed my focus, my view of life, and my confidence that I had not missed my season of fulfilling my purpose.
Mary Crimmins: In 2013, I met Mary online from reading her blog at  Then after reading her blog for a while, I realized she used essential oils which I had wanted to learn about.  After meeting with her and hearing about what the oils did for her, I became a member and purchased some oils which I still use and love.  I have been blessed to watch her life and mission unfold before us online.
The greatest change has been watching Mary grow and pursue her passion. That has given me great hope that my own daughter, who has a desire to live a life of creating beautiful pieces, can do the same.
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It is my desire to inspire you to take time regularly to recognize the people that have impacted your life and even brought change into the way you live your life.
Who has been an agent of change for you?  Tell us about them and let them know.