Mom's Well-Crafted Life

Mom PicMonkey CollageA Well-Crafted Life always ends in loss for those that you love. When your days on this earth are over, your Well-Crafted Life comes alive in the hearts and minds of those that are dealing with the grief of missing you.
Grief in us is often cradled by the legacy that our loved one has left.
Recently, the one that birthed in me the desire to live a well-crafted life went home to be with the Lord.  My Mom!
She crafted her life up until the very end and her last breath.  She was amazing in how she loved and lived in her life.  But in her last days, she was still demonstrating the keys to a Well-Crafted Life.

6 Keys to A Well-Crafted Life

Sacrifice – AWCL (a well-crafted life) will be full of sacrifice, but not the kind that makes everyone uncomfortable but just the opposite.  All of mom’s life, including her last days, was lived as a sacrifice for those she loved and those that loved her.  Her sacrifice was so warm and inviting that it made you want to be around her and share in whatever time she had left.
Humor – AWCL must have humor for others to understand the power and strength that comes with living such a legacy.  My Mom always offered the power of humor at times, we as children could have felt scared. But because Mom was not fearful, and even smiled or laughed at that scary thing, we were brave, also.
Honesty – AWCL is formed and fashioned on honesty.  My Mom taught us to always tell her the truth the first time.  Then as we grew, she showed us by her life and interactions that truth is not an option. Even in her final days, her honest look at how she would die will forever show us that more excellent way.
Service – AWCL is the fruit of a life of service. Service to those that are part of that WCL and part of the vision they have been given.  Mom gave us so many examples of a heart of service, from serving her family and friends to serving with her gift and talents in the church. As God’s servant, she did her part until the very end to see the vision she had come to pass in her children. Now it is up to us to carry that life of service for and with each other in honor of her life.
Joy – AWCL is a fruit of being content in whatever state you find yourself. AWCL does not mean that it will always be all sunshine and lollipops, but when you choose joy as my Mom did, she found peace and contentment.
God – AWCL cannot really be found without knowing God and loving God with a whole heart. Mom showed us that it is always best to trust in God. In her last days as He was calling her home, her heart never wavered. She loved until the end and is now with Him.
These keys will forever be in my life and heart, and they are a big part of my Well-Crafted Life and the legacy that my Mother gave us all as her children.
I desire to inspire you to give thanks for those in your life that aid you in creating AWCL and to remember that you are crafting a legacy each and every day.
Oh! I would be blessed to be known as my Mom is – for her laughter, love and legacy left with many that knew her.
Mom Purple heart

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  1. Kaleeda

    That was beautiful Ms. Jane! I’m happy to see you find joy in celebrating your mother’s life despite the grief you must be experiencing. May her legacy forever live on in the lives of her children and grandchildren. Be blessed! Continually keeping you and your family lifted up in prayer.

    1. Jane R Babich

      Kaleeda, thanks so much! For your kind comments and the prayers.

  2. Jane Ault

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to you mother! I feel inspired by your description of her well-crafted life to be the kind of person that she was. May God comfort you with special memories,now, and in the days ahead.

  3. Val

    This is a beautiful tribute to honor your and moms all over. Reading this I found myself visualizing my mom and all she’s done to ensure myself and siblings could thrive.

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