A Well Crafted Legacy “New Season”

It has begun, my first retirement! Yes, the first retirement because I am not done working, just now I am working for me. Yeah! This new journey requires I embrace a different perspective because it is all about a new point of view. Perspective has a root meaning of "look through" and in this season I will be looking through everything I do, have, need and desire to create A Well Crafted Legacy for me and those I love and influence with my life. This journey is focusing on Wellness and Simplicity, therefore I will be "looking through" and making the necessary adjustments to move me daily toward the fullness of a legacy of wellness and simplicity. I colored this picture with beautiful new blooms on the wellness side and clean spaces and colors of simplicity on the other side…

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Jane’s Journey “Hereafter”

Jane's Journey Hereafter Jane's Journey is about my transition into an adventure within my "hereafter" or my "from now on" of this big, new and unknown space and a place called retirement. I am sharing my experiences to give wisdom and help when it is your time and also hear from you if you have already found your place and space in your hereafter of retirement. Retirement - The realizing and engaging of times, ideas and realms of possibility that your heart looks for and your mind images but never tasted of, until now on. I have worked in corporate America since 1972. Yikes I know, that is a long time, and it has gone way too fast. My career has been an investment in three companies and over thirteen titles. I have been blessed by many great co-workers and…

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Leadership Learned from Rocky

I must confess, I am a big Rocky fan!
Not as in rocky road ice cream but Rocky Balboa, the boxer played in the ‘Rocky’ movies by Sylvester Stallone.
rockyThe writers of this champion-birthing series crafted Rocky’s journey to make us love him and deeply relate to the personal ups and downs of an undeniable leader in his boxing world.
I was caught up and inspired again by “Creed”, the 7th movie in the ‘Rocky’ series where Sylvester Stallone (Rocky) finds himself training his former rival and friend, Apollo Creed’s son as a young boxer.

In the movie, Rocky is old and out of shape. He is looked on fondly by many as once a great fighter and leader but not anymore.

What he doesn’t realize, at the time, is that though a leader’s body may age, their heart does not. (more…)

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Mom's Well-Crafted Life

Mom PicMonkey CollageA Well-Crafted Life always ends in loss for those that you love. When your days on this earth are over, your Well-Crafted Life comes alive in the hearts and minds of those that are dealing with the grief of missing you.
Grief in us is often cradled by the legacy that our loved one has left.
Recently, the one that birthed in me the desire to live a well-crafted life went home to be with the Lord.  My Mom!
She crafted her life up until the very end and her last breath.  She was amazing in how she loved and lived in her life.  But in her last days, she was still demonstrating the keys to a Well-Crafted Life.

6 Keys to A Well-Crafted Life

Sacrifice – AWCL (a well-crafted life) will be full of sacrifice, but not the kind that makes everyone uncomfortable but just the opposite.  All of mom’s life, including her last days, was lived as a sacrifice for those she loved and those that loved her.  Her sacrifice was so warm and inviting that it made you want to be around her and share in whatever time she had left. (more…)

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Through the Years: A Look Back

At this time of year, pull out your pictures and let them take you on a journey of fun, family, friends, tears and laughter.  Pictures can minister to us in ways that words cannot. I remember... My Shirley Temple doll I got at Christmas. The love of a husband that enjoyed Christmas (still miss ya, Honey). A daughter that was and still is the meaning of JOY year round. A GREAT friend that loves your family as much as they love you! Family that knows how to have fun, give love and laugh! Holding the hand of my Mom never gets old even when we do! A Dad and Grandfather that can be as silly as any child! A make a gift from God's gift to me because He loves me. My two pillars of encouragement. Sister & Daughter I…

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