Problem Solving is Natural

Problem Solving is Natural

I Don’t want to talk about the P-Word “Problem”

No one really wants to talk about problems, until they have to, but we need to understand and appreciate our natural ability to solve them. Let’s look at what a problem is.

Definitions bring clarity. Clarity reveals applicability.

Problem Defined

A problem is a noun because it is tangible and meant to be owned by someone or a group of people. It is a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome and possibly damaging with a need to be dealt with and overcome or solved. The problem requires action, and if it does not receive the necessary action, it will increase in possible pending doom the longer the action is withheld.

Right after reading the definition our mind goes to those nagging problems we have ignored. Maybe a door lock that needs replacing because it does not work, maybe a harassing physical problem that has not been checked, or maybe a problem relationship that needs to be addressed. Why do we ignore problems? They don’t go away, and they drain us as they continue to pop up in us as we go through our days, weeks and months of normal life.

No one looks forward to having problems, they are just part of life. They are like people, they come in many shapes and sizes. They can be big ones, little ones; easy ones, mind-blowing ones. Sometimes they are one time problems and other times repeating problems. No matter how we describe them, no one wants them, and no one can totally avoid them.

We can count on having problems, but can we also count on solving problems? Solving problems is part of everyone’s natural ability. As you are reading this, you may be shaking your head “No”, and saying inside “not me”; but I am saying yes, you.

You, me and everyone have the God-given ability to solve problems. Smile, this is good news! And again let’s define what Solve means.

Solve Defined

To Solve means to loosen, dissolve, untie or effectively dealing with. The Latin origin of the word was to loosen or unfasten from that which holds you.

Does this not explain how we feel when faced with a problem, we just want to be freed from it, now! And you can be the answer to that very cry of being loosed.

The natural ability to solve, like so many of God-given abilities come in different portions for different purposes. I wasn’t meant to be a professional singer, and my voice backs me up on that, but, I can sing to enjoy music and for my own personal worship to God.

You have one or more abilites that are of a greater magnatude that me or others because of what you are called and or purposed to do. Maybe it is the ability to teach, cook, woodword or any other gift that comes natural to you. The same is with solving problems.

You can solve problems, others may just be able to do it quicker, clearner or without the struggle you have; but like many abilities when the natural ability is enlarged by converting it to skill through learning and practice, you go from natural ability to excellence of execution.

As we create a well-crafted legacy, we will leave
our methods of solving problems for those that come behind us, to show the way.

Methods of solving problems will vary and they will be a mix of our natural ability with those we learned from others. We are watch and learn as we go through life, and we pull on those lessons learned when we face our problems.

Methods are valuable, but before we apply methods we need to identify our natural approach to solving problems. We all have a natural ability to solve, but it is attached to our natural approach to the problem.

There are two basic natural approaches

Solutionist – look for a cure

Resolutionists – look for treatment

Both of these approaches are needed and it is optimum that they work together in a family, business or ministry. Discovering your natural approach will go a long way to making you a believer that we all have a God-given ability to solve problems.

To learn more about these two natural approaches and how they influenced my life of being known as a “problem solver”, click here and download a free copy of Proven Paths: Understanding Our Approach to Problems.

Until next time, remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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