Dr. Audrey Aikens

Reverend Aikens is a woman of many names. You may know her as Dr. Aikens, Dr. A, Apostle Aikens or “Apostle”, but she is known and called “His” by the Lord, who has anointed her with a ministry founded on Proverbs 4:7: “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom, and with all thy getting get understanding.”Dr. Aikens has earned numerous ordinations, board certifications, accolades and degrees, which compliments her over 35+ years of ministry experience to validate her name. Licensed and ordained as Minister and Teacher in 1982 before becoming the founding Pastor of Liberty Fellowship Inc. in Greenwood, South Carolina in 1984.

Dr. Aikens went on to expand the ministry to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and then pursued her license as a Pastoral Counselor, Temperament Therapist, and Temperament Instructor. In 1989, she advanced to become one of the staff members and premiere biblical instructors at the Greater Works Outreach School of Ministry. In 1994, she established her second ministerial teaching and training center. Reflecting on her call to bring revelatory bread and meat of the Word to the ministers and ministries of the end times, she decided to change the ministry name to RAVEN Ministries, Inc. This is an acronym for “Releasing Agents of Veracity and Excellence to the Nations”. RAVEN Ministries purpose was to equip those that are called to do the exploits described in Daniel 11:32. Then in 2,000, she received her ordination into the office of Apostle after her extensive international ministerial travel.

Dr. Aikens has also earned her Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies, her Master of Arts in Theology and Biblical Counseling, and her Doctor of Arts in Christian Education all “Magna Cum Laude”. Despite all the credentials, she maintains these to simply be byproducts of her full-time inter-denominational ministry. What is of true value to her is her personal and intimate relationship with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dr. Aikens also founded Whole Man Life Trainers, which is established as a revelatory training center designed to equip end time ministers with spiritual and educational training resources needed to support the application of God ’s word, in life, ministry, and business.

During her 35+ years of full-time ministry, Dr. Aikens has authored a myriad of life applicable revelatory writings, and ministerial training manuals, as well as boot camp series collections and conceptual biblical case studies. Followers of her revelatory instructions can attest to the fact that she has a gift for profound revelation and nuggets of wisdom in her writings. To simplify access to her years of revelatory knowledge, she is pleased to birth the launch of Dr. Audrey Aikens Ministries. Here is where she continues to develop a revelatory storehouse and legacy of insightful and inspirational media resources, which can be found online at Dr. Audrey Aikens Ministries.com.

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