7 Things in 7 Years Before Age 70: A Legacy Strategy

Age is such a fluid thing.  Sometimes age is very important, like waiting to be old enough to drive, drink, vote, or to be taken seriously by adults.  But the age itself is not important. It is what the age permits or supports as changes in our lives.  Right?
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If we did not have age boundaries, how important would age be?  When I turned thirty-five, my business mentor told me that financial success for a career in that company was that your wage was at least $1000.00 per year of age.  So at thirty-five, I needed to make $35,000.00 to be considered successful. Fortunately, I was successful!
He said that was a mile marker of success from the age of thirty-five to fifty-five.  I think back to that now and say, “Wow, that is crazy!”  But that is how he looked at age and success.
Age, for me, has always been important because as a young lady I looked older than I was and then, as a young professional, I looked younger than I was.  Then, as a late in life first-time mother, I was older than all the other kindergardener’s mothers.  I just could not get it right, ya know?
Then I saw the movie, The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson that was about making a list of things to do before you die.  So I began to make lists of things that I wanted to complete within each season of my life.
This season is from age sixty-three to seventy.  Why seven years?  That is how long I want to continue to work in corporate America.  Here is my list for this season:
1) Go on vacation every year.
2) Write a devotional.
3) Be healthier at 70 than at 63!
4) Give away what I do not use monthly (expect seasonal).
5) Help co-workers to be all they are to be after I leave.
6) Keep a digital journal as a legacy to my daughter.
7) Create a new prayer bottle every year.
These seven things are part of a legacy strategy to prepare me for my final season of contribution which will be seventy to eighty.  In my next season my plan is to travel, write, and help others craft their legacy.
So how will these seven goals help me prepare?
1) Taking a vacation each year will enable me to checkout seven areas of our country to determine where I do and do not want to travel as a writer.
2) Writing a devotional will give me experience in writing more than a blog and also provide a means of income when the devotional is published.
3) Being healthier at seventy is a must if I am going to travel, write, and stay relevant to those that I desire to help.
4) Giving away what I do not use will enable me to have less and need less so I can travel easier and have less to maintain at my home base.
5) Helping others reach their potential is my reasonable service to a company that has been my place of employment for almost 20 years by the time I leave.  The way you leave one season is the way you will enter the next!
6) Keeping a digital journal is part of my legacy to my daughter.  My daughter is the combination of all the best that has happened in my life and that has made me who I am.  She needs to know how to transition from season to season and this journal will give her insight.
7) Creating a prayer bottle each year is important because I need to stir my creative ability in every area, and I love the prayer bottles. Also, it is my desire to have this be an income stream in my next season.
It is my desire to inspire you that no matter what season you are in, make a list of what you want to accomplish in that season that will prepare you for the next season you desire.
What season are you in and what are you doing to prepare for the next desired season?