RAVEN is the cornerstone of Dr. Aikens many years of ministry.  Although the Lord instructed her to name her ministry RAVEN; He has also told her she is His Raven; to feed and nourish as He leads.

RAVEN is a collection of teachings from a revelatory teacher, a passionate preacher, an obedient servant and Spirit-filled “wordsmith”. These gifts working together; give you a deeper, clearer and more actionable meaning to the scriptures.

Partaking of RAVEN will release you to go and do exploits according to Daniel 11:32.  Exploits that when you look through the heart and with the mind of the Father, you know all things are really possible.

RAVEN will reveal to you the great call to be His Agent.  Agents are those that have made the decisive decision to do His will with a perfect heart.  They walk in a delegated power because of Who they represent, not who they are.

The heart of RAVEN is that we would all walk in the veracity and excellence that is required as a lifestyle once we give the eternal yes to God. And it is in the walking out of the veracity and excellence of His character that we then can show others “The Way”.

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