Legacy Tip: Acceptance of Someday & Some Day

Legacy Tip: Acceptance of Someday & Some Day

One of the greatest turning points in our life is when we gain the knowledge and understanding that God has given us a purpose-designed life and the power to execute it under His watchful love and grace. This awareness also reveals how in every legacy, God embeds the responsibility and joy of bringing change to our life and the lives of others for our good and His glory.

Acceptance is when we experience something and keep it as a truth that causes us to take action. As you learn to accept and make peace with it, you step out of your own way and step forward on the path God has ordered for you. The more often and the faster we walk in acceptance, the more you will see that each moment has a purpose, a lesson to teach you, a reason for unfolding the way it does.

Examples of acceptance and responding actions:

  • You hear a weather report for rain; you accept that report and grab your umbrella as you leave for work.
  • You watch a documentary on how plastic bottles are floating in the ocean like a large island, you accept this truth and start to recycle your water bottles.
  • You hear of the heartache of a friend that has lost a loved one. You cancel plans to go shopping with friends, and instead, you reach out to the friend and offer to pick up dinner and come over to keep company with her.

Our action of accepting is so strong because acceptance influences immediate and future actions that contribute to our legacy building.

When we hear “someday” (one word), we hear NO, or never. And because we hear it that way, we no longer see it as part of our future or NO longer in our building plan. We say someday when asked a question, thinking that the answer is reasonable and will allow the conversation to move along, but what we do not think about is that although the conversation may continue, the person we answered someday, knows and accepts that as NO, but without understanding why you have told them NO!

Matthew 5:37 (amp) gives us clarity on saying someday lacks integrity.

But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’ [a firm yes or no]; anything more than that comes from the evil one.

The art of communication is a gift of precious relationships and leadership. So let us choose our words wisely.

Beloved, if we sincerely plan to address the issue in question, our answer is “Some Day” (two words), and that will be accepted and held on to based on the trust the listener has in you and your integrity. That little space between the words changes our understanding from no, never, or an impossibility to a definite time that God will arrange.

That little space between the words needs also to be a pause within us as we respond to allow us to check if we are committed to seeing the action through at the appointed time God brings the manifestation. Responding with some day, is put it in our plan with the date unknown.

It is stating our faith in God’s faithfulness in our lives and the saying yes to His plan at His time. Some Day is a powerful stand that we take in big and small things in our life and legacy, a stand of trust in God’s timing or kairos of our life. Some Day is a specific action at an unspecified time and place. Accepting Some Day is saying Yes, I am ready and waiting on You, God.

We are the builder of our legacy, but God is the master-builder of our life and legacy. When we walk in the acceptance of Some Day instead of someday, we show those that watch our journey that we yield to one greater, stronger, and master-builder of our well-crafted life and legacy. So what is on your Some Day list, do not lose heart because God is still building for you?

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Remember, that legacy is the life we live, the choices we make, the truths we share, and the love we unconditionally give, knowing no one is perfect, but we can all bear fruit and fruit that will remain.

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