Legacy Levels-Part 3-Relationships

FriendshipOver the last few weeks, we looked at 3 Concepts that impact our Life Legacy. In the last post on Association, I shared some points about Life Legacy, let’s look at some more:
1) Our Life Legacy is about fulfillment. Unlike Professional Legacy and Genealogical Legacy which are about accomplishment and completion; our life legacy is what fulfills us as an individual. (more…)

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Legacy Levels-Part 2-Association

In a previous post, I did a quick peak at 3 Concepts that impact your life legacy.
Friendship – Association – Relationship
Today we are going to go a little deeper on the concept of Association. But before we do that, let me share these 3 foundational concepts about Life legacy. Note we are talking about life legacy, rather than professional or genealogical legacy. (more…)

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Legacy Levels-Part 1

FriendshipFriendships, Associations, and Relationships are all legacy impacting concepts.
Think about it, how have these three concepts shaped, changed and impacted the way you have lived, loved, learned and fulfilled your life up to this point?
Over the next few posts, we will take a look at each of these concepts, maybe in ways that are new and different or ones that we know but need a refresher. So why are these concepts? (more…)

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Love worth duplicating…

Becky @ Apt 2011It is my desire to inspire you to show forth LOVE worth duplicating.
After 17 years of marriage, my husband and we were surprised with the news that I was pregnant. After the shock, I began to pray and ask The Lord for four things.
1. Let our daughter be healthy
2. Let her not have my husband’s nose
3. Let her have his beautiful blue eyes
4. Let my motherly love be as rich, everlasting and unconditional as my Mom’s. (more…)

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Inspiration is a treasure

Inspiration is a treasure... Inspiration is a treasure we find when we choose to follow a well-worn yet well hidden path. Inspiration is like humor, things that I find funny, you may not. Therefore, what inspires or moves me may have no impact on you at all.  Inspiration is personal! A photographer's path or inspiration is found in the lens of his camera. A designer's is found in the flow and feel of fabric passing through her hands. While an investor finds the path or inspiration in the right answers to probing questions.  Every discovery of something great and moving has a path to the treasure that fueled the inspiration to bring it into manifestation. The spark of Inspiration is Interest! Interest is a feeling of curiosity or concern about something that makes our attention turn away and unto it. But interest alone will not bring forth inspiration within us.…

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