Legacy Tip: Elements of Change

Legacy Tip: Elements of Change

One of the greatest turning points in our life is when we gain the knowledge and understanding that God has given us a purpose-designed life and the power to executed it under His watchful love and grace. This awareness also reveals how in every legacy, God embeds the responsibility and joy of bringing change to our life and the lives of others for our good and His glory.

God does not change, but He is the author of the elements of change that will move and direct you as you build your legacy according to His purpose.

There are many ways that God brings change, but these four elements of change are some of the most course transforming for us as we build our legacy.

Elements impact, the impact causes change, and change makes room for growth and redirection. Different elements impact our legacy; some are unique to our calling or purpose; others are foundational parts woven together in every God-ordained legacy. Let’s remember what legacy is; the Latin root of this word is in “legate,” an ambassador or messenger. Our legacy is a message of what God did through us and is an ambassador for who God is to all.

Element defined:

The word Element comes from the Old French and Latin words meaning “ a principle or rudiment part”.  Every well-crafted legacy will involve these four elements in varying degrees. They are: 

Bravery-Passion-Forgiveness-Restful Emptiness

These four are principal elements to building because they are catalysts of change in life.  Change is the fuel that enables our legacy to be what God has designed and not what we desire. 

Bravery brings growth to us or to those we are called to impact with our legacy. Passion burns away at the constant mental and physical limitations we or others try to harness or limit our legacy.

Forgiveness washes away the residue of our issues and mistakes to strengthen us to press on and trust God’s mercy and grace as we build. And restful emptiness allows for those times when we have nothing left to offer or give, and God allows these emptying times so that He can come and fill us refreshed and renewed to be brave once again.

Out of those necessary times of restful emptiness, we gain strength, wisdom, and a renewed dedication to God and His purpose. Without decisive dedication to God first in our life, we will be unable to build a well-crafted legacy.

And as a believer, Gods design always trumps our desire, and these elements enable us to do the necessary sorting of priorities to follow His design.
Bravery, passion, forgiveness, and restful emptiness work together to heal us, guide us, correct us and ignite us to occupy and thrive as we build our legacy.

In the coming “Legacy Tips,” we will look at each of these four elements separately. Although they do work together in our life, they will work as He wills to empower us to do those greater works of our personal well-crafted legacy with fruit that will remain.

Until next time, remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you. 

Those topics are just of the few that are included in the “Legacy Tips” podcast. Because life is crazy and busy, each of them is ten minutes or less.

Remember, that legacy is the life we live, the choices we make, the truths we share, and the love we unconditionally give, knowing no one is perfect, but we can all bear fruit and fruit that will remain.

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