Be Not Entangled Again

Be Not Entangled Again

Be not entangled again, is a statement that is for the purpose of a warning and to equip us to purposely pick where you take your stand in being strategically positioned in Him. Let’s look at this scripture for an understanding of this revelatory concept.

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free; And, be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.

“Stand Fast in Liberty”

Stand Fast: signifies we are to remain positioned. And we are to persevere so we can remain stationary; standing our ground spiritually.

In Liberty: signifies freedom (legitimate or licentious, chiefly moral or ceremonial).

“Hath Made Us Free”

Hath Made Us Free: signifying He has already delivered and therefore liberated us; by making us be exempt from the moral, ceremonial or mortal liability of having our old yokes to be able to move us.

“Not Again Be Entangled With

”Not Again: signifies we are to make our experiences learning experiences so that we do not regress or return to old seasons, methods, modes, ways, thoughts, choices, times, relationships, places, or states. Or to not unwisely think to redo what once was.

Be Entangled With: signifies that which grudgingly thought it had the right to ensnare us in its hold. Sometimes through our own choices.

“Yokes of Bondage

Yokes: signifies strict couplers; that which prepares you for and serves to keep you fixed and focused unto whoever or whatever you are so yoked to.

Of Bondage: signifies to be used to bring one into enslaving acts intended to lead us into bondage.

We can rejoice because God does not leave us powerless to the work of the enemy to draw us back into any or all bondage that He by His grace and mercy has brought us out of. This promise is our hope if we purpose to take a stand of faith knowing Satan will always come against us, But, God! Luke 10:19 is our But, God to any threat to your Liberty.

Luke 10:19 (Apostle-phrasing) Behold, I give unto you “strategic power”; to tread on” serpents and scorpions and “over all the sifting power” of the enemy. Therefore know; “nothing shall hurt” you; “by any means”!

“Power to Tread On”

Power to: signifies given privilegeprerogative ability as the magisterial force; the competency and capacity for the controlling mastery that overcomes having a jurisdictional rightlibertypowerstrength, and authority given to go strategically exercise “all that” as ledcome what may

Tread On: signifies trample down a path throughbringing under foot; to then walk on; in being above, over and greater than; in having ranking authority.

 “Over All the Power Of

Over All the Power of: signifies our magisterial power givensurpassesdisplaces, supersedes as in having complete charge over all the power Sa`tan has; anytime he thinks to touch; so, to wear us out. 

For the enemy still exercises perverted supernatural force of miraculous power that is a miracle in and of itself. His ability still strengthens to work to do great works; using mightyviolent deeds; by any one or means he finds availableBut he lacks authority to do greater works

“By Any Means; Hurt!”

By Any Means: signifies a double negative strengthening the sense of denial expressed here, as in; absolutely not; so no not at all; nor any more than or in any wise; ever!

Hurt: signifies Sa`tan cannot ever unjustly separate us away from the lovepeace or grace of God he knows prevents our being essentially injuredrobbed or damaged by offenses; which must needs come in life.  Matthew 18:7

  • Sa`tan always thinks to use anyone or thing he sees as “available”; obtainable or accessible in being carnal-mindedacting up in ways that declare us as  suitable; to be pressed into service for his use as tools; as means by which we take one another there for him; as if he has power to forcibly work us to be offensively hurtful

The revelatory is this also signifies he cannot coerce us to by any means suffer being beguiled by his artful misdirection of subtility he’ll think to use against us. Remember, there’s absolutely nothing“new” under the sunGenesis 3:1-8

When we are going through “stuff” sometimes it does not look like or feel like we have this amazing power, but as Sons of God (Romans 8:14) we all do. It is up to us to take this strategic position of power in Him knowing that His Word is true for us, always.

This post was taken from the Strategically Position Teaching Series of Dr. Aikens

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