Stuck and Gazing, But God!

Stuck and Gazing, But God!

This is part of a series Dr. Aikens taught on being Stuck in No Change. Although this is the final post, it is not the end of Dr. Aikens’s revelation on this concept of “Stuck in No Change.” Throughout her teachings, you will see her referencing this concept as she fulfills her Apostolic mantel to have us all “get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7.

This final post is the connection between being stuck in not change and gazing, which together can make us feel like we have no hope, but like so many concepts that the enemy and our flesh want us to embrace, the answer is our surrender to being His and His alone. But God!

“Stuck” also has a tool it loves to use called “gazing.”  When we are gazing, we are distracted and act like we are hard of hearing. We become oblivious to what else might be going on around us because we are too busy trying to understand “what we think is going on.” 

Stuck uses gazing to cause us to remain “fastened right there.” Unable to move on and full of trying to figure out how we got there and why in the world someone has not felt sorry for us and come to help. Gazing likes to connect with self-pity, which even strengthens our being stuck.

Stuck actually needs us to gaze because we are increasingly becoming immobilized and vulnerable. And the longer we stare, we are deafened to other voices that call us to turn our attention away from ourselves and unto Jesus.

Just as this picture of Daniel in the lion’s den reveals, he could have been stuck gazing at the lions, but he chose to turn away from that which he could not change and what could make him feel like it was over. Instead, he looked up unto his God. Gazing aids in our feeling stuck; looking unto God always shines the light and gives us hope for change that only God can bring, for our good and His Glory.

Gazing while we are stuck prevents all progress by causing us to stay as if we have no choice.  We justify it because we say we are just trying to see what the end will be as if it’s God’s will that we suffer in these places, situations, relationships, and even jobs and issues that negatively impact every area or facet of our lives.

Stuck has a bottom, and when we reach its depths, it’s because believing the lie that all our hope for change is gone erects mind walls and places shackles on our limbs and scales over our eyes.  So now, not only do we believe we are hopelessly stuck but believe and actually begin to act like we’re also “done.”

Spiritually, no change not only continually denies the power of God, but our ever being able to experience any real sense of freedom or wholeness. And yes, those of us in Christ can be stuck and not even know it, but there is also is a Godly “I am done” that arises in our spirit, and we suddenly find ourselves face to face with an eye-opening appraisal of our plight.

Or, we can be moved to begin to rise out of Stuck by a self-appraisal which gives birth to such a complete dissatisfaction within us that we shout a sudden “enough is enough.”   But we need to understand this change will often come in turns and degrees.

Though many of us may have the desire, we often don’t see the ability to help ourselves to change.  Most of us find we need aid to move all the way through these turns and degrees from stuck to freedom.

God can and will use leaders and even angels who have the integrity to suddenly appear to aid, move, and bring us unto and even through the needed change, even when we can’t seem to move, whether men or angels, they will stir within us a remembrance of prior instruction, a promise of a time, place or relationship where things used to be or are promised to become so much more different.  They’ll aid us to change!

Yes He can, and He will!

Acts 1:9-11

And when Jesus had spoken these things, while they watched He was taken up; and a cloud received Him out of their sight.  And while they looked steadfastly toward heaven as He went up … behold, two men stood by them in white apparel … (angels) who said … “men of Galilee, Why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This same Jesus taken up from you into heaven … shall so come … in like manner … as you saw Him go into heaven.”

When we are stuck, we forget that we have been before because we are flesh, and we quickly go astray, But God!. He moved us, changed other’s hearts, or did the miracles that only He can do. Gazing clouds these memories, and that is when He sends the help to stir up these memories so that we can arise and reach out to Him, to do it again. He can, and He will!

Stuck is not the end unless we chose to stay stuck. But even when we do make that choice, God can, and He will, in His time, make the wise choices for us because we are His, and He will bring change in turns and degrees.

His Grace will not let us stay in or with anyone or thing longer than His purpose allows when we are His.

Being His is the safe guard to stuck in no change! Always.

In the first part of this series, “A Look at Being Stuck,” we reviewed what being stuck can look like using David from I Samuel. And in part two, continuing with David and 1 Samuel, “Looking Good, Yet Still Stuck,” we saw that a grand army standing before the enemy looked mighty, made no impact on the enemy they faced. We need to understand that how we look or even feel does not change us from being stuck in no change; it can even become a “Yokes of No Change and God’s Yoke.” And in the fourth post, Stuck and Yes, we understand the power of establishing our eternal yes to God.

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