Absolute and Key; Working What Would Worketh Me!

Absolute and Key; Working What Would Worketh Me!

This post is the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught from in the Bootcamp entitled “Absolute & Key: Working What Would Worketh Me”. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

James 1: 3-4 tells us a key principle of our faith we’ll find is absolute, it’s that; “We’re to know this; that the trying of our faith “worketh” patience. Therefore, “let” patience have her perfecting work; that we then; may be found perfect, entire; wanting in no area!

What does all this mean? Whenever we’re being “worked” by whatever’s been “permitted”; and all must be permitted to come to nigh those who are the Lord’s; when we can’t see the way out; thus, feel a spiritual time out should have been called long ago; we get anxious, we fret; we become vexed; double-minded; short-tempered; even depressed as if we’re hopeless. Not!

Now we know there’s always supposed to be a way to escape these intimidating even bruising blows. Pride will say they never should’ve landed, but faith weaves and feints on. For it knows Jesus prayed so it cannot fail us in any sifting. Thus, it works what’s working it; as its being tried, tested, scrutinized thus, exercised and disciplined; trains so perfects; bringing forth an expected excellence; not only in our stance; but in our spirit; contentment as patience.

Although the trying of faith often produces other than patience in some; learning how absolute our keys are; they work in conjunction with each other. Revelation given, often shows those spiritual trifectas or powerful runs; well-aimed blows; winning sets of scripture which understood; become life-applicable absolutes; kingdom keys, which as our foundational principles strengthen us, for universal reasons. (For the greater good; so it is common!)

The absolute at work is; that we who live as “His”; maybe revealed as loving, so trusting in Him enough; to willingly present ourselves as those “living sacrifices”; He’ll use; to endure whatever temptation He permits to come to sift or “work” us; like our boxer does his bag. We just must become wise enough to work; what we know has come to work us!

But understand this absolute beloveds; it is all; to cause us to be “seen”; although perhaps bruised and weary; as still yet alive; having endured our assigned series of infallible proofs; become “evidence”; proved those who will stick and stay; His true overcomers. Consider three revelatory concepts; absolutes, temptations and enduring.


Absolute:     signifies all that which is regarded as being independent of and unrelated to anything else. It is that which is perfect in quality or nature; the complete; the unmixed; thus pure; unrestrained, unlimited by restriction or exception. It is that which is unqualified in its extent or degree attainable. And so indeed the sum-total that is proven it is not to be doubted or any further questioned. Like God; it just is!

Absolutes:   are those things declared to be unconditional, absolutely perfect in all their qualities and nature. They are complete, unmixed; so pure they can stand alone, and still be that surety we can count on.

Absolutes:   are those things so tried and proven that they form the ultimate basis of truth we can both accept and trust as being able to stand and speak in any discussion, and set the precedent and provide the backup for any word given or decision made on any subject covered.

Absolutes:   don’t need to depend upon, regard or recognize anything or anyone else to be; they just are. How awesome to realize that the greatest “absolute” in our existence is the Lord our God, and the absolute of “faith” we’re simply to have in Him; if we declare ourselves as His!

Absolutes: are believed to stand entirely upon their own merits because they have been so proven and experienced that we just trust them to be. They just are so; whether we understand or see exactly how they are; or not!

Let us come away with at least this understanding; that the Lord’s ability to deliver us will never be based on our own strength; or ability to change things or people. Nor is it even subject to our ability to see or agree with His ways He will deliver us out of all. For our own understanding remains limited; shortsighted; forgetful; subject to that spiritual dementia we call Alzheimer’s disease; that can affect and negate so many; naturally. And still God!

The absolute is and remains; that our “all” in anything; from afflictions, finance, any adversity; even relationships we may need delivering from; it is all in His hands and comes according to His timing; not ours!

Tears, bargaining as spiritual witchcraft meant to work Him, don’t move the Lord; nor do our idle words spoken in unbelief; although we’re held accountable. Matthew 12:36 Only faith speaking His Word known moves God; and it’ll still be; in His time!

Consider this absolute: Matthew 12:36

Jesus said; “But I say unto you, That every “idle” word that men shall speak; they shall give account thereof; in the day of judgment.

 “Idle Word”

Idle: here only signifying every inactive, unemployed; too lazy, too slow to work word. The revelatory is; also signifies speaking vain, thoughtless so useless words; that accomplish no good thing. It also signifies wicked, injurious, maliciously lifeless words we know are false; and usually arise from desperation, anger or anxiety.

We’re accountable for speaking what we know is too useless to work what we know; is sent to work us. For all such words are barren; unable to produce fruit. Thus, when we speak so; we choose to do so carnally, and with that; the absolute is we displease God!

What then is the absolute of what we’re to do meantime to patiently be content to endure till that end? Learn to rebuke in faith believing; thus, working what it is we know worketh us; so, in gaining patience; we grasp the key of just being content; knowing so simply trusting God; whatever state we find ourselves! That is our overall absolute!

The revelatory then is that there is not a lying force beating its chest; thinking to intimidate and wear us out; as the “god” of this or any other world; that prevails over the Lord our God, Jesus! There is absolutely none!

And so, we might have faith as flurries of uppercuts come, saying we’ll never overcome that particular adversity; we’re given the Lord’s Spirit of truth; to teach us the life applicability of His absolutes.

Thus, as we work what thinks to work us; we can when we feel we’ve done all; then stand and withstand based on that absolute. Thus, His absolutes feed faith; we must then; work out!


Temptations: appear in the New Testament whether as tempt, tempting or temptation; it is signifying that which comes to examine, test, prove, try; to fully scrutinize what our faith consists of, is based on or relies upon.

The revelatory is; in whatever form it takes; they come provocations, blows, pushbacks which are intended to put faith and knowledge of the Lord and His Word to the proof.

Thus, they test by experimenting with what we see as good; beguiling us to experience evil. They solicit and provoke; they endeavor to work us; to entice us to lay aside our disciplines; our training; what it is we know we’ve been taught to embrace to overcome. So, be not deceived, but learn!


Enduring: is as Jesus taught in Matthew 24:13; that he that “endures till the end”; that same one shall be saved! This signifies to stick the course; to stay in a remaining humbled under the mighty hand of God; which is always in control; forgets not, and is never behind in bringing to add unto us; whatever is needed.

The revelatory is; it is also to remain in place; prepared, thus willing; to undergo any permitted trial; ready, so willing; to bear up under all; in knowing the Lord upholds us in His hand; to give us absolute fortitude to abide content in Him patiently persevering.

Consider: Dan 11:32-35 Apostle-phrased!

Such among God’s people that violate their covenant He formed with them; the Antichrist shall in the endtimes pervert, easily seduce and beguile with flatteries; but among the Lord our God’s people who do know Him shall be strengthened to prove themselves strong; for they shall endure to stand firm in trials; to do exploits for Him!

And so, shall those who are wise and understanding among the people be able to instruct many and make them understand; although in those days some of them and their followers; shall still fall by sword and flame; and by captivity and plunder; for many days. Now when they fall; they shall receive a little help from men who will come to join themselves to them bringing flatteries and hypocrisies. And so, it is; among God’s people some of those who were called wise, prudent and having much understanding; they shall yet be weakened and fall; and because of this great fall; the insincere among the people; will lose courage and become deserters of the Lord.

But it shall all be for a test; the trying of faith; meant to worketh patience in them by a refining to purify and to make those among God’s people white; pure and righteous. So, this shall be even unto the time of the end, because it is all yet; for the time God has appointed and He alone knows.

Consider this Trifecta of scripture next:

1st James 1:2-3, 12 Apostle-phrased!

My brethren, count, it all joy; consider it wholly joyful, when you fall into divers temptations; thus find yourself fully enveloped in or encounter trials of any sort, or fall into various temptations; in knowing; thus being fully assured; having come to the understanding; that the trying, testing and proving of our faith; in “working” us; brings forth in us; a strength of steadfast endurance; thus, contentment in whose we are in God; seen as powerful patience. 12 Blessed, therefore; is that man that will endure in temptation; for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised; to them that love Him.

2nd – 1 Corinthians 10:13 Apostle-phrased!

No temptation has taken us; no trial regarded as enticing to sin; no matter how it comes or where it leads; nothing that has overtaken and laid hold on us; that is beyond human resistance and is not adjusted, adapted and belonging to human experience; thus is such as man can bear. But God; He is and remains faithful to His Word, and to His compassionate nature. God alone can absolutely be trusted; to not let us be tempted, tried or assayed; beyond our ability and strength of resistance; or power to endure; but with every divers temptation; as we but trust Him; He shall be exalted and also in all ways; provide us the means as our way to escape unto that safe landing place in Him where we’re made capable and sufficiently strengthened; thus, made powerfully able to bear up under it all; patiently.

3rd – Philippians 4:11b-13 Apostle-phrased!

I have learned how to be content; satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed, disquieted or frightened into being fearfully reactive whatever state I am. I know how to be abased and live humbly in difficult circumstances. I also know how to enjoy plenty and live in abundance. I’ve learned in any and all circumstances the secret of facing every situation having a sufficiency; and enough to spare, or going without and being in want. The absolute I then stand on; is in Christ; I’m strengthened, empowered to do and endure temptations; made ready for any state; for infused with His grace; I am made self-sufficient; in His sufficiency.

Remember Peter had inappropriately asked the Lord when receiving his own assignment; “Well Lord, and what shall this man do?” and Jesus answered; “If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou Me.

Well, Christian histories record what John had to do which he could not have born to hear had it been revealed in that assigning of the trying of Peter’s faith. There were two persecutions of Christians under Roman rule. The first; The first persecution under Nero took place about AD 67. Paul and Peter both suffered imprisonment and Paul was eventually killed in this group.

The second persecution of Christians under the emperor Domitian, in AD 81 lists; “Among numerous martyrs that suffered during this persecution were Simon Peter, bishop of Jerusalem, who was crucified.

Then John is listed as being the first forced to drink poison if he wouldn’t renounce his faith and the name of the Lord Jesus. He didn’t!

The information above is from The Book of Martyrs – Chapter two – The ten Primitive Persecutions.

A manuscript known as the Acts of John also tell how this same emperor Domitian, in 81AD, immediately began persecuting the Jews. But they, in turn, accused the Christians of heresy; and teaching against Rome and his reign. Thus Domitian turned his attention toward those the Jews accused; among who was John and he committed horrible atrocities against them.

He had them fed to the lions; killed by gladiators and captured John who was teaching again in Ephesus. He ordered he drink poison if he did not recant his teachings, his faith, and the name of the Lord. John drank it, but the poison failed to hurt him.

Then when they tried the same poison on a common criminal, that man died – only to be revived by John. Who then received salvation as did all who were held captive that day.

Emperor Domitian was however unimpressed thinking it but witchcraft; thus, he ordered John be banished to the isle of Patmos. Where he could influence no one else but wild animals he believed would kill and eat him. However not so!

Instead, John began receiving his vision; he write as revelation; and wrote his seven letters to the churches which all found their way back to civilization; thus, John was recalled to Rome to face another tribunal.

On his way there; John was involved in a shipwreck and landed at Miletus. But the emperor Domitian sent his Proconsul to pick up and bring John back to face another tribunal.

John was immediately brought into a coliseum full of witnesses and ordered to recant or be boiled in oil before them all.

When John again refused to recant; he was hoisted up and slowly lowered into a huge vat of already boiling oil. However, John not only didn’t cook, he didn’t scream; didn’t die and didn’t beg to be set free. He endured until they pulled him out.

Oh, but when all those witnessing; except the emperor saw the state of John not only not dead; but unchanged by his trial; emerging unscathed; having suffered no essential damage; every witness except the shocked and embarrassed Emperor Domitian; immediately gave their lives to the Lord.

And still, John was whisked away this time immediately exiled again; to the isle of Patmos. But there, John continued to receive his revelation that is recorded as the book of revelation! He worked what was sent to work Him, and he also fulfilled what Jesus said about him to Peter. “If I will that he tarry till I come; what is it to you? John 21:23

He did just that on the Isle of Patmos!

Consider this was all part of John’s “strategic positioning” in the trying of his faith; so Jesus could have him in the state of focused solitude; hearing no other voice but His; as He gave him the visions that he’d write as the book of “Revelation”.

It is absolute and key that I work what thinks to come to work me!

Responsive reading: 2 Corinthians 4:7-16 Amplified

We have many spiritual “absolutes at work in our lives” and one of the most important is understanding; we possess the precious treasure of the Gospel as the Word, Power and Light of God in these frail, human vessels of earth. He designed it so; in order that the grandeur and exceeding greatness of His power as it is seen in our lives; may show all that its source is all God’s working and not that of our own doing or strength.

Because of this “spiritual absolute working us”; we find ourselves being hedged in; pressed upon from every side; troubled and oppressed in every way; yet our absolute truth is we suffer no essential damage; as we’re not cramped or crushed and often not even touched.

We suffer. perplexing embarrassments when it seems we’re unable to find our way out of those sifting situations working us; still; we’re not driven to actual despair. So yes; we are pursued, persecuted and feel hard driven at times; and yet; we’re never deserted to stand alone; we’re struck down to the ground; but we’re never struck out and destroyed. For we also know we carry about in our bodies the liability of being exposed to the same putting to death the Lord Jesus suffered.

It is so that; the resurrection life Jesus gives us; may show forth by and within our bodies. Thus, we who live; constantly experience some form of feeling handed over to death; but for Jesus’ sake; that His resurrection life may be made evident through our flesh which is liable to death. But the Spirit of God will lift us as standards unto life. So, death is actively working us; but it is permitted; in order that the Spirit may be shown to be actively at work in us as His.

Now, we have the same spirit of faith as he who wrote; “I’ve believed; therefore, I’ve spoken! We too, believe; therefore, we speak! For we too are assured; that He Who raised up the Lord Jesus; will also raise us up to be with and in Him; for He will bring us all; into His presence.

Remember, all these things we must needs go through; take place for your sakes so more grace as God’s divine favor and spiritual blessing extends to more and more people and multiplies through the more of the thanksgiving of many increasing and redounding to the glory of God!

Therefore, we do not become discouraged; utterly spiritless, Or permitted to be made so exhausted and so wearied out through fear; that we must faint! For we are encouraged through knowing; although our outer man shows all signs of being progressively decayed and is wasting away in the passing of our years; Yet truth remains; that inwardly; our spirits are being progressively renewed; day after day!

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