Life Legacy Elements

If you are like me you read a lot about preparing for a great season in your life, and there is a lot out there! How to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and everything else you can google.
Our approach needs to be different each year…because we are different. Change is constant!  We are different than last year, and can anyone say, Thank you, Jesus?
In each season of life, everything we do, be or go; is a part of our Life Legacy. As you start this year, consider the elements you will need to inspire and change your life and the life of others. Here are 4 Life Legacy elements that will inspire and bring change.

Bravery – Passion – Forgiveness – Rest

Glasses with 4 elements
Bravery:  We must be brave of heart and spirit to go into the NEW opportunities. Bravery is letting go of the past failures and successes and embracing the changes that present themselves.  Growth is necessary for your Life Legacy and to enable you to continue to inspire and bring change to others.
 Passion: Run with the passion that is present for you now.  The passion of PURPOSE will ebb and flow as your Life Legacy is being created.  Last year you may have had a great passion for traveling, but this year you are not feeling that.  Let it go!  Embrace the passion of purpose that is burning in you for this season and you will find that your Life Legacy will be full of the fire to press; when nothing else will get you through.
Forgiveness: It is so necessary for you to forgive, first; yourself, then all that have disappointed you, or did you wrong in the past.  The art of forgiveness must be the way you walk in life, not just at the beginning of a year or season; but daily.  Your Life Legacy must be laced with quick and full forgiveness so that you are not left “stuck” in any area of your life.  Forgiveness is the companion of Gratitude, and both need to be part of your walk.
Rest: Rest is something that means different things to different people; depending on your season of life, character, and personality and many other elements.  Regardless how you describe it, the rest you find in emptiness is so important to your Life Legacy. No one can be effective in their bravery, passion or forgiveness if they are never empty.  Restful emptiness needs to be accepted by you and even planned.  It can be an hour, a day, or a few minutes; the length of time does not mean as much as the depth of the rest and emptiness to allow yourself to embrace.
It is my desire to inspire you to fold these elements into your life, they will enrich and give clarity to your Life Legacy, no matter your age. Your legacy is created daily.

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