Motives of Gift Giving

SHOPThis is the season that millions will spend time, money and energy to select gifts for Christmas.  The motives will normally fall into one of these three;
1) Give a gift because you feel you have to: Although we all have done this, as we mature and grow into being who we really are; we will do this less and less because you do not enjoy it and the one receiving knows you do not.  So is that really a gift?
2) Give a gift because you have to: This may sound the same as number one but it truly is not.  This is when you are so full of emotion because of someone else’s impact on your life that you have to invest in something that will some how express thanks, gratefulness and just plain impact on them…if only for a minute.

Here is an example to help you understand: During a family crisis earlier in the year a neighbor delivered dinner every evening for three weeks while your husband was in the hospital recovering.  You need to select a gift that will convey your thanks, and overwhelming help they were during that time.
3) Give a gift because you want to: This motive is the best, because you just want to be a blessing, cause joy to arise in them, or fulfill a need within them; and so you give.  You give of your time, heart and resources to present the gift to them with joy! No example needed… it is a gift!
Last weekend I received an early Christmas gift from my sister and her husband.  They gave me the gift of want to!  They drove 12 hours to come to my house and share food, laughter, love and thier three amazing dogs.  It was a gift to me because they invested thier time, love, heart and resources to bring joy in my life.
Christmas gift
I was not really excited about Christmas this year, but now I am; because I want to give the gift of JOY to others as they have given to me.
It is my desire to inspire you to first know why you are giving your gifts and then give with joy. You never know what a little love and joy can do for someone else.
When was the last time a gift gave you JOY?