Keep the PUSH

PUSHI am always talking about goals, not just throughout a new year. Why?  Because if you set goals, some things have become apparent now that you have been working on your goals for the last month. You find that you need to maybe make some adjustments like:

  • Break some of your goals down into to smaller actionable pieces.
  • Replace a goal with a different goal because you have already complete the original one.
  • Move the time period of when the goal is to start and stop.

These are just to name a few.  But today I want to address the possible change you are thinking to make on your PUSH Goal.  The push goal is that goal that is challenging maybe even scary; yet you knew when you set it, that when completed it would be used to push other goals into the done column.
You may be thinking of changing that PUSH Goal because you have made little or no progress, or because you have decided in this last 30 days that “it probably will not happen”…this year.
WOW, we have eleven months left and already we say (in our mind) it is not going to happen this year.  This is the battle I personally am having with my PUSH GOAL!
What about you?
I want to encourage you (any myself) to press on and do not eat proverbially APPLE (that is an Adam and Even Garden of Eden reference) !
My PUSH Goal is pivotal to not only my goals for the year, but my legacy.  The legacy that will go on after I leave my job, move to another location, or go home to be with Jesus.  Why? Because people are watching you and me; and I will bet your PUSH goal when done is going to causes conversations with others and opportunities for you.
Setting a PUSH goal is one thing, but pressing on past the resistance, messengers of defeat, and conversations of maybe next year…that is Taking the Lead in your Legacy!  And that Lead belongs to YOU!
It is my desire to inspire you to recommit, refocus or just give yourself a good kick in the butt and take hold of that PUSH Goal and go for it!

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  1. Jane Ault

    Thank you for this blog. I needed to read it. My PUSH goal is scary. It’s big. I know that I will feel a lot of joyful when I complete it. But, I keep having to re-schedule the date I expect to complete it and feel discouraged. So, don’t quit was the message I needed to hear.

    1. Jane R Babich

      Thanks so much, so glad I am not the only one pressing to PUSH! We can do this!

  2. Andres Valdes

    Great article, Jane! You’re an inspiration. Keep it up.

    1. Jane R Babich

      Thanks so much! We are in this BYE journey together

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