Inspiration is a treasure

Garden PathInspiration is a treasure…
Inspiration is a treasure we find when we choose to follow a well-worn yet well hidden path.
Inspiration is like humor, things that I find funny, you may not. Therefore, what inspires or moves me may have no impact on you at all.  Inspiration is personal!
A photographer’s path or inspiration is found in the lens of his camera. A designer’s is found in the flow and feel of fabric passing through her hands. While an investor finds the path or inspiration in the right answers to probing questions.  Every discovery of something great and moving has a path to the treasure that fueled the inspiration to bring it into manifestation.
The spark of Inspiration is Interest!
Interest is a feeling of curiosity or concern about something that makes our attention turn away and unto it. But interest alone will not bring forth inspiration within us. This spark of interest must be met with one of two gates, or entry places to the path of inspiration.

Paths to Inspiration are entered either by inquiry or introduction.

Inquiry – inquiry is a formal investigation with a purpose or design in mind.
Example is when we make a call about a fairly nice building that says
For Sale “as is.”
This sign is to inspire us to call and find out about the “as is” benefit.

Introduction – introduction is when we have a basic understanding or a prelude to something unknown.
Example is when we receive a free chapter to read, of a desired book.
This introduction is meant to inspire us to purchase and read the full book.

Both cause us to desire a fuller understanding and or involvement. Even if the fuller understanding causes us to not go farther; the inquiry or introduction made us take the next step.
Remember…Inspiration is found by following a path, stone by stone and step by step. This process can take minutes or years; depending on our level of need or seeking within to bring about a desired manifestation.
Once we have accepted the introduction or made the inquiry we are guided toward a place of decision. Inspiration turns to anticipation once embraced. Inspiration and anticipation play off of each other during the next step, if we choose to go farther down the path.
Understand that the action and interaction of inspiration and anticipation will result in perspiration; and perspiration requires our investment; our buy in; our commitment.

This is as we say “where the rubber meets the road”.
Decision time.
Up to this point pure curiosity or tenacity could have gotten us to this point.  
But as with all things of great reward, investment is required.

Next time we will see the revealing power of investment

It is my desire that Fireborn Inspirations will inspire you to walk your path of inspiration to manifestation.
What inspires you? How do you inspire others?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Blessings to you this day!