Legacy Levels-Part 1

FriendshipFriendships, Associations, and Relationships are all legacy impacting concepts.
Think about it, how have these three concepts shaped, changed and impacted the way you have lived, loved, learned and fulfilled your life up to this point?
Over the next few posts, we will take a look at each of these concepts, maybe in ways that are new and different or ones that we know but need a refresher. So why are these concepts? Because friendship, association, and relationship all make us ask ourselves or someone else, Can you accept this?
Understanding and accepting the full prism of each of these concepts will enable us to live life fuller and enlarge our legacy when the time comes for us to pass the torch of our life onto the next generation.
These concepts are not progressive, or sequential.  Our interaction with someone or a group can change from one to the other throughout time.  The change can by our choice, based on a circumstance or just the natural change over time.
Association by many is a term used for business interactions or interactions with people for a cause or group purpose.  We will take a look at this and you will see that having associations are so much more than that and a very necessary interaction for us to achieve our most impacting purpose.
Friendship well let’s just say that friendship is rare, and at times in our life, absent… right?  Actually, when we take a clean look at friendship we will find that although it is the riskiest of interactions, it is most rewarding.
Relationships are one of the first interactions we experience in life, and most times it has no requirement on our end.  We will review the features and benefits of relationships and through that, it will give us a funneling ability to determine which of all three of these concepts are working well in our life.
I desire to inspire you to live your legacy daily so that your footprint here matches the design of your Creator.
Tell us below how you feel about evaluating these as it relates to your life.

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    Looking forward to future posts on these subjects!

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