Jane’s Journey “Grappling”

Jane’s Journey “Grappling”

Jane’s Journey “Grappling”

Jane’s Journey is my transition into “hereafter” or my “from now on” of retirement. I am writing here to inspire, stir, awaken, and encourage you to engage with what is in your heart to enjoy and with the simplicity of crafting your hereafter daily, as it becometh you.

Retirement is when we realize and engage the times, ideas, and realms of possibility that our heart looked for and your mind imaged but never tasted of, until now.

In the first segment of Jane’s Journey, It was about reviewing the preparation done to be ready to enter retirement. After three months, I did the second segment on reflecting and facing the changes, challenges, and how all my preplanned did not work as I had planned.

And now after six months of retirement, I am grappling!

Grappling is to struggle, engage in a close encounter, or seize hold of something with intensity.

Don’t let the grappling hook take hold of you!

Oh, we each could tell our story, and probably should, of what daily life has been during the time of COVID-19, economic instability, political madness, and social unrest. Each of us over and above, we deal with what happens in one home, one life, ours.

For me, it has been a pipe bursting in my home that took out the master bath and three-quarters of the downstairs. BUT GOD!

I give praise to God that the grappling hook cannot hold me. I am grateful that the grappling has moved me to stand in the place of believing. Faith without works is dead, and the work of believing gives me the strength to not let the hook of grappling to take me where I never belong, the place of despair.

Despair is “dropping down from a place of hope” or “complete loss of hope.” It is only God’s grace that we do not despair in difficult times. As Psalm 27:13 says, I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord. Grappling has to step back when I declare this over the issues of life that try to hook me.

In this third quarter of retirement, I choose to exchange the hook of grappling for the rock of Psalm 61:2.

I am choosing gratitude over grappling through believing. Although my retirement has not turned out what I thought it would, I know I can trust that I am where I am to be, right now, and so are you.

My work of believing is a daily quest. I choose to resist the grappling hook and hold fast to the promises in Psalm 27:13 and Psalm 61:2, through the work of believing.

Gratitude fuels the “work of believing.”

Here is what I believe

  • I believe God will deliver us from the tyranny of COVID-19.
    • And until He does, I will wear a mask and abide by social distancing to protect those I love.
  • I believe God will restore all that we have lost during this season of lay-offs, setbacks, or attacks of the enemy to our financial stability.
    • And I will do my part by being a wise steward of the provision received, believing no matter what the numbers say, I will have more than enough.
  • I believe we are a nation under God, and He is higher than any political plan. Therefore, His will shall be in November 2020.
    • And I will pray for leaders, I will vote to honor the freedom I have, and I will speak as led by His Spirit.
  • I believe God is awaking people to the sins of the past, the truth of today, and the need for obedience to His Word and Spirit as He breaks the powers of inequality and inequity in our nation.
    • And as one that was “woke up late,” I will educate myself, listen, make room for those called to speak in this season of change.
  • I believe God will strengthen me emotionally, and guide me in making wise decisions to have my home not just restored, but for it to come out of the flooding waters better than before because this home is God’s, not mine.
    • And I will be patient, listen for directions, and give thanks for my home.

This scripture gives me the blueprint to resist the hook of grappling and assures me that as long as I am in the land of the living, I will see His goodness if I believe.

I know that believing is not always comfortable, and it is not a one-time choice, but believing is the ongoing way we choose to respond in life. A part of believing is accepting that everything has to go through Him to be a part of my life. That acceptance to His sovereignty shuts down the “why” questions and gives us the grace to not despair.

I close this segment of writing about my new season of “hereafter,” recognizing that your season is different than mine, but for us all, nothing is like it was six months ago. For me, I am adjusting to retirement with good days, bad days, and days I just have to rest. But even with all the challenges, I am grateful!

Here are things I am grateful for, what about you?

  • Family-even if I can not hug them.
  • Friends-even if I cannot go to dinner with them.
  • Books-that engage my mind and stir my heart.
  • Creative’s-that share their gifts on social media.
  • The Art of delivery-of just about anything.
  • Simplicity-realizing what I can live without.
  • Wellness-balance in the battle of health and wholeness.

Until next quarter, resist the grappling hook, do the work of believing, and look for the goodness of God in your life, it is His promise to us all.

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Remember we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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