orange_heartLet me start with, I really do not like labels, but I do understand that some times it just makes sense.
As a life long organizer, I fully embrace the labeling practice of labeling things and places, but not people.
The reality of my principal labeling belief became even more real after a trip to my dentist.
While waiting for the dentist I was asked to complete some paperwork. I began to answer the questions, kind of mindlessly, until I came across this question. I was to circle the answer that applied to me, or labeled me.

Status: Married or Single.

With my hand in the air hovering with my pen bouncing back an forth over these two selections, I realized that in the effort to label me, they were missing who I am.  So I wrote in and circled “widowed”.
I handed in my paperwork and after a few minutes the receptionist asked me to step up to the window. Mrs. Babich we are not able to have write in’s on the forms so I changed your Status to Single: I hope that is ok?  In my mind I thought, you just called me Mrs. Babich, but labeled me single.
For a moment I just stood there and looked at her, and I heard my heart answer within me saying, but I am not single.  Don’t get me wrong, single is not bad, it is just in my heart I will always be married.
Now you may say, what is the difference?  The difference is for me after being married over 37 years; I can not embrace the label of single. Being single is not a bad, it is just in my heart I am still married, it is just that my husband is away; in Heaven.
I am not in denial, nor am I unable to let my husband go. it is just that in this situation, these labels do not work.  Forms are meant to provide acurrate information and although I live alone I am not single.
What do you think?  Do you have problems with “People” and “Labels”?  Have you ever been labeled something that just did not set right in your core, or heart?