World View People

World View People

People see people differently. Everyone has a natural way they view people and life; it makes us who we are and how we interact with people, circumstances and opportunities.

Part of crafting our legacy is recognizing it when we meet someone with a world view. I call this a divine encounter because if we realize it or not, we meet people with a world view to give us an opportunity to expand our influence or impact of the world we live in.

Do you know what I mean? They are the ones that allow us to see the world as we would not have seen it, without the encounter. The encounter can face to face, at a conference, in a book or listening to a podcast.

The medium of the encounter does not matter, because no matter the way we connect, the response will be the same. It changes us, so we can help, change others or learn more about the world we are journeying in.

Living with a world view as part of their nature is a gift to us. They enable us to look into faraway places and people. They make us see needs within our reach but outside of our thoughts. They show a better way to do something we never gave room to. They give us awareness without fear or guilt. That is a gift and a calling.

A world view causes us to look for the connection between the creator and the creation with reverance and wonder.

WVP (world view people) have a different or adjusted lens in which they look through daily as they journey through life and in their purpose. A world view is connected to purpose. A WVP has found their purpose and it has changed them so they can change others. They craft their legacy daily as they offer the same opportunity to us when we meet.

WVP Expect the Impossible

Rob Greenfield is one of the WVP I have encountered. We did not meet face to face, we met on Social Media. Rob has a connection to the earth and the rich treasures that God created it to provide for us like none I have encountered in my life. As he foraged 100% of his food for a year, and as I watched the videos, read the posts they slowly made me stop wasting so much food. Check out his video here.

World View People make us choose

Rob’s life daily makes us realize that we should take advantage of the abundance on this earth; and that we have a responsibility to tend. guard and keep this beautiful earth.

Another Social Media find was in recent years the Minimalist Movement has increased and spread throughout all demographics and generations with the message that more is not always better. This movement like all other movements has people that live it to the extreme and those that do it as a hobby, but Joshua Becker of Becomingminimulist is one that has that world view of minimalism.

Joshua shares with us the world view of ownership and helps us determine why we own. His world view lens focuses on what I am going to call “why buy”. He does not criticize anyone for owning anything, but he does ask us to know why we do own it.

I have learned from Joshua’s work as a minimalist, if my owning anything controls, limits or alters the life I want to truly life or the legacy I want to craft, then I need to examine the why of ownership. Check out his book for more.

WVP cause me to ask questions about my world

Check out Joshua’s Book

God blessed my life to personally known and encounter people with a world view and although the calling and lens for each are different I have found some things they have in common.

As you read this list, who comes to your mind? Or does it describe you? Because you could be a WVP!

They expect bigger. WVP never puts limits on the impact of allowing others to see through their lens. They expect that the reach, impact, and change will be bigger with every encounter and that it is endless because when they go on to somewhere else or something else, the legacy of the view from their lens will remain and continue.

They move guickly. WVP don’t more fast or reckless, but they move quickly. Once the light of the view enters their path, they step out. They do not hesitate because the view is real to them and they know others need to see the world as they do. It is not mystical, it is an honest reality of knowing what they are passionately called to do.

They refuse to have regret. A WVP has no regrets because the passion of the call to share the view of the world they have is so much greater than any failure, resistance or rejection. They live in the moment of continual awe for the view of the world they have been given by God, so they shake off obstacles or negative responses and keep sharing.

We all must be true to the lens we are given by God. It can a single view like Rob Greenfield or Joshua Becker, or as many of us, it will be a view with several focuses. Whichever you are, be true to your own lens and share the view with those in your life. We need your view as much as we need that of the person with a world view.

Until next, remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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