Recognize and Respect the Press of Others

Recognize and Respect the Press of Others

As we continue to look at the ability we have in building a well-crafted legacy, we have discussed the four foundational elements that bring movement within your building. They are Passion, Bravery, Forgiveness, and Restful Emptiness. Click the links to read about each of them.

In this segment, we look at recognizing and respecting how we “builders” demonstrate a pressing of moving through challenges and obstacles we face. The press of others and yourself is the fuel that keeps us moving, expands your thinking and contributes to our personal growth


Respect comes from a Latin word that means “to look back at”.  Respect is given “after”, or on the other side of a circumstance or season. Respect is a response to something that causes us to look back at it in wonder and admiration.

Respect does not have to be spoken to be present. Many times respect is a silent recognition that is expressed to everyone but you, and that does not diminish the value or the importance of living a legacy that causes others to look back at our life in wonder and admiration. That is a gift!

My friend held down a full-time job and graduated with honors as an attorney at the same time! As I looked at her journey, I expressed my respect for how she handled the heavy load of doing both without ever complaining or wavering.

Philippines 3:14 says, “I press toward the goal for the prize of the high call of God in Christ Jesus.”


The root of the word press is the combination of the Latin word “premere and the Old French word “pressure”  Therefore, moving toward your goal facing “premere pressure” is the press.   

Press is a one-sided action against or toward a predetermined fixed item or destination.
When we press, and do not give up, we gain respect. Respect within ourselves and from others. The fruit of that respect is that we inspire others to do the same.

We recognize and respect the pressing through, because for all of us, even though we are engaging in a one-sided action, we rarely do it alone. Many of our own most impacting times of pressing through to complete, or pressing on to not give up we will find help along the way.

Even more important is that we respect the press of others as we build our well-crafted legacy. We may not understand the personal press of others, but understanding is not required to respect it. By recognizing and respecting the press in others helps to tame pride in us. 

Recognize means to “know again, bring to mind again” based on the original Latin word. So if we truly recognize the press of someone, it is not easily forgotten because it leaves an imprint that is brought back to mind again. This recognizing is the fuel of us repeating the press in the journey of other people.


This concept of “respecting the press” is a formula that will always bear fruit that remains in our life and legacy. We are not always privy to seeing the press, but we are partakers of the outcome of it. Just as understanding the why in someone’s press, we also do not need to know-how. Just as with my friend, I did not see how she managed to do an excellent job and work and study to graduate with honors, all I got to see is the work she produced as her supervisor. I recognized the press and work!

So how do we “respect the press”? The recognition of their press or the outcome of that labor many times is enough. At times we will reach out and be a blessing in whatever way God leads us. We can be a blessing by doing something special, unexpected, kind, or needed by them. Your heartfelt blessing for them is an outward expression of an inward recognition and respect. We do it because we mean it!

We can also respect their press by being an agent of help. Gathering others and joining in the press to make it just a little lighter. Being a help to others always expresses recognition and respect!

Our need to press through is ordained by our purpose, calling or assignment in God. Recognizing and respecting each other is a necessary part for us all as we build a well crafted and intentional legacy.

Until next time, remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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