Someday…how big is your list?

When did your someday list start?  Mine started with my parents.
I would hear grown up conversations, and my parents would talk about remodeling, traveling, and vacations. A lot of those discussions ended with, “Honey, we will have to go there someday.”
From those conversations, I started my own someday list.  The first time I remember writing an actual list was when I was in fourth grade. It was summer and as I sat on my porch, I wrote:

  • Someday I am going to do a mural on a big wall with a group of other artists.
  • Someday I am going to write poetry that touches others.
  • Someday I am going to get married and be loved a lot.

Well, one of the three came true. I married in 1973 the love of my life. Then without me even understanding how or why, my hope in someday faded.
As years passed I dropped things off the list because I said, “It is never going to happen.”  I had not even tried to do most of them. Life just painted me the picture that someday was never coming my way.
I did this for over 40 years until I turned 60. Then I converted my someday list to my next ten years list. Things I will do between 60 and 70.  Some were as simple as going blonde (which I did when I was 61), and others as hope-filled as paint a mural with a group of artists, planned for this fall. YEAH!
As for the poetry, I have been writing again for a few years, without the guts to put it out there. In an effort to live for today though, here is my first published poem since 1980.


Someday is a word, I do not like to hear,
but a word I spoke to myself, down through the years.

Someday is a word, that has no ending,
because it simply has no beginning.

It easily fell from my lips and through my writing fingertips,
to making my mind and heart feel so fulfilled.

Fulfilled, yet tricked into thinking that a plan had been laid,
but in truth, that someday thing, would just slowly slip away.

So I have removed someday from my personal spell check
and replaced it with today, tomorrow or now, which is best.

Best, because it means I have faced it and am now committed,
not to just it being recorded, but to it being completed.

Someday is the enemy of my heart of a finisher
and a warm friend to those that plan to plan.

How do I know this to be true?
Because a planner I am through and through.

My plans do not include someday anymore,
because I know for sure what that holds in store.

A planner I am and a planner I will always be,
planning for today and tomorrow you see.

But because someday probably will never be,
I have learned that being present today is truly the key.

It is my desire to inspire you to let go of someday and embrace today with all that you have no matter your age, situation or circumstances; because for some of us someday is already gone!
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