God Alone is the Creator!

Truly God Alone is the CreatorCreated:   is “bara`” (baw-raw’) as used here refers to a working that is clearly God. It signifies God absolutely created; as He alone is highly qualified to.
Created:   as “bara’” also signifies whatever God has spoken or said He does; and all purposed, produced, ordered change; He makes it to just be good!
It implies God’s creative acts signify He is the sole proprietor who founded; fully possessed; is the originator, and maker; fabricating all in heaven and God CreatedEarth.
Thus, truly God alone is; The Creator!RAVENICON
We’ll see beyond a shadow of a doubt; whatever God says He surely does; and this is made very clear in the Creation story historically beginning. Genesis 1:1
Verse two reveals an enigma of dire straits for the world God already created; left it dark and void; long before He established the chronos time (chronos governed linear, chronological time) we know today upon the stricken prehistoric Earth.
Anything He purposes; is completely thought out; planned and provided for. He alone envisioned then counseled only with Himself in doing it all. Ephesians 1:11: In whom also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestinated according to the purpose of him who worketh all things after the counsel of his own will.
What He creates is seen in its interim of becoming; until He declares it good or made beautiful; in His time; not ours! Ecclesiastes 3:11a
RAVENICONSo He is not just a very present help especially in the time of trouble, but He’s faithful and cannot deny Himself; nor that which He creates to stand!