God Moves Despite Darkness

God Moves Despite Darkness

Have you seen days when darkness seems to try and lay upon all that concerns you as you try to negotiate the spiritual waters of deep things we all face? Have you ever pulled back; dreaded to step out in faith as fierce waves of the deep; obscure all signs of spiritual light?  This picture represents all such discouragements!

Even when we try to behave wisely and focus on being more spiritual minded than carnal; works of darkness magnify themselves the more. They mock discerning faith by asking; “what cha praying for; the problem or issue is all you”?

This series of “Havilah Prepared Places”, is designed to be encouragement despite such extremes as we learn to press to know God enough to recognize and trust His faithfulness.  There’s nothing new under the sun! As God moved and revealed Havilah; where He produced prepared places; He continues moving today. Thus; consider “In the Beginning” to see many revelatory concepts gained.

Genesis 1:1
In the beginning “God Created” the Heavens and the Earth.

“In the Beginning”

In the beginning is “ree’shiyt” (ray-sheeth’); it signifies that God considered the head, principal part, and ultimate timing He purposed.
a)   This “ree`shiyt” contained all His spiritual architectural blueprint; as God!
b)   He ordered all to be; as seen and unseen; according to His appointed time!
c)   Creation is an absolute of progressive work only God continually works on!

“God Created”

God Create, “Elohiym – bara`” (baw-raw’) is God; forming the entire universe with all its heavens; then turning gave His premeditated attention to now renovate the earth; to perform to its utmost and maximum potential He originally prepared it to viable become, and produce.

1.   As “Elohiym – bara`” it specifies God worked by sowing His Word! But it’s often taught as if He created something out of absolutely nothing. Not!
a)   This “bara`” signified He came intentionally; deliberately moving upon as it was known; a work of rescue designed to bring His ordered change to Light.
b)   His “bara`” was ultimately a pre-planned renovating by design. His coming then shaped, fashioned, wrought so brought salvation; to His Earth’s crisis.
c)   All He “bara`” was a purposefully prepared rendering of His thoughts; His thinking towards the future, hope and expected end of all He knew needed; His rescuing renovation to come cause things to be as He said. Jeremiah 29:11
d)   As Creator God chooses when and where to reveal His presence and intent to move, speak, form or make all be according to all He deems necessary; so perfectly prepare all for expected ends He will then pronounce as “good”!

Genesis 1:2a (Apostle-aphrased)
And the Earth was found to be without form and void; seemingly an empty waste; for “darkness” lay upon the face of the very great deep.


Darkness: the five times are seen in Creation as “choshek”; signifies a concealing covering of darkness lurking as wickedness. It’s creeping presence is subtility; or “`aruwm” weaponized; as it’s full of shadowy, impudently cunning; craftiness lurking; laying upon; seeking to occupy an absence of Light.

Darkness: as “choshek” is a work of subtilty; and magnifies misery, destruction, sorrow and a spiritual ignorance of God’s ways; to obscure hope, He’ll ever become the Light shining on; despite our circumstances.
1.   Such experiences called night seasons spiritually can completely inhibit and seem empowered to literally choke out this Light we need to live out loud by. 
2.   The revelatory conclusion here is the subtility of “choshek” is as a tangible power; a presence we can feel make us question, doubt; be fearful and to feel overwhelmed by the creepiness of its many loudly magnified manifestations.
a)   So “choshek” also has the ability to make things look so bad; so incomplete; so as if God’s so forgotten; so forsaken or worse so failed to work effectually in us to be His prepared places destined for exploits of it is so; but seem so not!
b)   This “choshek” challenges ability to see or trust in siftings of our faith as in the beginning. It lays upon; a formidable heavy weight; entangles to easily beset, and confound any sense of God’s presence moving upon; faith’s seen.
c)   In dimness and shadow imaginations run rampant; it’s hard to see or believe God even thinks thoughts towards us; harder still to imagine a scenario in which He despite dark despair will reveal Himself as our rescue of salvation.
d)   Be encouraged in God despite any difficulty in a seeing His manifestations. Know He is; despite any works of darkness manifesting itself!
e)   God moves upon; despite darkness; for He comes as our Light; to reveal the thoughts He thinks; thoughts higher than that He hurdles, hastens to move upon towards us; fully prepared to reveal and perform; despite “choshek”!

Genesis 1:2c (Apostle-aphrased)
 And the Spirit of God; moved upon His waters!

 “Spirit of God Moved Upon”  

Moved Upon: 101 times this appears in the O.T. but only this verse renders it the “rachaph” of God moving upon despite darkness.
It signifies He surely, rapidly and discernibly moves upon. It’s as the sound tiny humming birds make coming; quietly, confidently sipping midair of sweet nectar super keen eyesight sees; It flies to move in on. Its feet weren’t made to walk or hop; only option fly!
1.   The revelatory is “rachaph” also signifies the still small sound in moving the presence of the Lord makes. It is discernible if we’ll listen expectantly. God broods, hovers over; yet moves as rapid fire as tiny humming birds in flying.
a)   The rapidity of its wings as it moves make it seem to stand still, yet it moves upon intentionally. The naked eye barely detects it is moving upon as blurred.
b)   Its wings beat 50-200 flaps a second depending on the direction it wants to move, or the condition of any air it must negotiate through; even storms.
c)   Its tiny wings flap fastest when facing giant adversaries like hawks; they’ll fight for their young and guard their territory against predators. Consider this tiny amazing bird is made to be as defensively aggressive as God is for us!

2.   This “rachaph” also signifies God moves upon manifesting Himself only after He intentionally ponders how best to show Himself strong as the very present help; aid or rescue of salvation His already prepared places require.
a)   His moving upon is therefore deliberate, purposed; a discerning brooding.
b)   We must thus discern to hear, see and so appreciate Him in the spirit; before we can ever see and fully appreciate all He’s accomplished in us spiritually; much less naturally; which certainly isn’t ever clearly seen; until afterwards.

Moved Upon:     as “rachaph” also signifies God as He moves upon unhurried; relaxed in still pondering; but comes as the power to bring ordered change He sees as lacking. His thoughts and hands bring change, but first His Word speaks; His moving to bring us Light! 
1.   The revelatory is His walking in moving upon deep waters of circumstance causes a shaking up to occur; as His coming isn’t limited by Him being in it. For He comes treading on it; as sovereign omni-authority; governing it all!
a)   He comes choosing when to reveal Himself as authoritative Light being; as He busily, effectually walks working upon; despite darkness or our unbelief.
2.   Circumstances often appear dismal; feel like dark beginnings never meant to be, but know God. When He decides it time to reveal His moving upon it isn’t in being pressured by thoughts we think towards what we see or think we can’t. He moves based upon what He declared must be; in the beginning.
a)   See “rachaph” as never reactionary; as unrushed; responsive only to those counseled thoughts He’s had with Himself; then thinks towards us as Word.
3.   God brooding in “rachaph” is not preoccupied or even depressed by painful memories or anger with us, but His moves always based upon new mercies!
a)   God’s hoovering isn’t in being confused; perplexed or anxious to figure out what happened; nor obsessed with how to fix some magnified sifting power exerted over us; as if it were beyond His ability to control. That’s never so!
4.   His “rachaph” literally unmoved by circumstance; even if full of dark dire straits, or represent unchanged voids of potentially dangerous situations.
a)   He “rachaphs” so we can set ourselves in faith to know He is and remains greater even than the darkness of new beginnings making us feel so unsure.
b)   His “rachaph” is His grace; our rescuing very present help and deliverance; and as surely unconditional as is the intuitive action to insulate, keep and the fully protect hens do for all eggs; chicks they haven’t seen, yet so love!


Moved Upon:     as “rachaph” also has a third signification about God’s coming to reveal His spiritually dynamic working; mightily caring power. His presence is also likened unto His coming, moving, brooding, hovering, fluttering over; settling upon and even turning us over as a hen that protectively gathers, watches over; keeping its eggs.
a)   Mothering hens “rachaph” not only to incubate, warm, protect and cover eggs in waiting for them to hatch; but literally to remain helpmeets that stir, turn, guide, teach and prepare for hatchlings to lead to a maximum potential in development.
b)   God in “rachaph” gathers us as the same process; as we dwell in His secret places and abide under His shadow as the Almighty.
c)   He covers, stirs, renders aid as we need; continually, faithfully and unconditionally; if we but willingly stay so permit His ordered changes to shape and mature us so we become; His prepared places!
d)   He likens Himself to being as mothering Hens in Luke 13:34! He longs to come in a moving upon that gathers us in to meet every need despite the darkness.  He longs to hover and brood over in so loving us.
e)   He longs to fill every darkness about us with the anticipation of His coming.
f)    Remember; God will reveal His moving upon despite darkness. It’s been His way from the beginning; before man was created to know we needed Him to. His moving upon is as His work of grace; it comes to strengthen us as we’ll but know Him and so can be the strong who’ll do His exploits! Daniel 11:32
g)   And as the tiny humming bird is often underestimated; yet moves faster than we can discern with the naked eye; God comes as intentionally!
h)  He shows up ready to show out; when; where and as often as He purposes necessary; and against any giant of an adversary seen. “Thank God He Still Moves Upon Despite Darkness”!

 Closing thoughts: In this teaching, we learned an important revelatory concept; that despite the obviousness darkness is; as it thinks to virtually creep its evil thoughts towards and insert its agenda into the spiritual equations of our lives; And despite that darkness changing not; so always tries to boldly magnify it’s being evil present with us; especially whenever any of us think to do good; And despite the arrogance with which it thinks to come to intimidatingly wear us out; and lay on the face of any of the deep concerns we have in life; we should get and grasp an understanding of this truly revelatory concept.

For the encouragement, for us, all ought to be confident knowing God will always faithfully reveal Himself as being; our very present help. We must trust that God is, and is ever there for us; hovering, brooding and will always reveal Himself as such in His time; which means right on time.  

Even when we don’t always have an understanding and perhaps are perplexed when feeling unable to find a way to save the day ourselves; just be still and trust; rely on your knowing God and therefore remember; He will be exalted!  His grace will strengthen and enable us if we diligently seek Him.  He will reveal His faithfulness in moving upon and prevailing over all; despite the alternative facts of emptiness and voids in life; darkness often capitalizes on.  

This entire series “Havilah; a Prepared Place”; is designed to address issues that were encountered in Creation; yet remain great lessons with spiritual life application for us today; regardless of what may be doctrine or theology.  We’ll learn as we progress; that all Believers were already in God’s thoughts He was thinking towards moving upon; in pondering forming His prepared places; as the vessels of salvation we’re still being predestined to be today.  He had us all in mind in moving upon the void; despite darkness to say; “let there be light” back in those prehistoric times called; “In The Beginning”. 

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