God Saw Us Forever Becoming!

God Saw Us Forever Becoming!

Havilah`s Prepared Places Series
God Saw Us Forever Becoming

1.   It behooves us all to learn to make every experience; even those we gain as we study Genesis’ prehistoric period “in the beginning”; so we can see life applicable learning experiences; those spiritual gems God sets before us.
a)   Our object is to learn to internalize these life changing revelatory concepts we see, that will enable us to be forever becoming according to what it is “God saw”; and busies  Himself moving upon; helping us despite darkness.

2.   This series is intentionally designed to bring a quietness of confidence as we progress together to see, know, believe and trust God’s moving upon; despite things darkness causes us to see, feel, hear and doubt contrary to truth seen!

3.   Our absolute spiritual bottom line; is to help believers get understanding that God is far greater than any confusing formless disorder darkness brings to bear to dim or change our perception in facing deeply spiritual things in life.

4.   Let us begin to consider now how as God commanded “Let there be Light” and saw it rise; from all He already is; to then go out from Him to be “forever becoming” in the universe and in us; that same ambient Light He always is!
a)   Be encouraged; God is always near. He’s strategically poised, already seeing thus knows when and how to show up to be all in and for us.
b)   His seeing provides extraordinary oversight; watchful care for us; as His prepared places of salvation He knew; we’d feel we are “forever becoming”. 
c)   Learn to be glad “God saw”; looked analytically deep into His Light forever being; and discerned all He was thinking towards His future believers; us!
d)   God saw us as sons of God; lights to the world despite weaponized works of darkness. So His light revealed us as “God Saw Us; Forever Becoming”!

Genesis 1:1-3 (Apostle-aphrased)
God said; “let there be light” and so it was; and God saw it go “forever becoming”; so good!

“Let There Be & There Was”

Let there be:      those three first words God spoke were but one; as the powerful all-encompassing, multifunctional, extraordinary word; “hayah”!

Nineteen times in the story of Creation it appears working the will and thoughts of God.
1.   The revelatory is “hayah”; also expressed the Word of the Lord came, and; it came to pass; works as the dynamo of God’s creative power.

2.   It follows up and through to establish and cause all God thinks and says to not just stand and be; but do so no matter when expressed or equipped it to.
a)   Also “hayah” works on; in and with; causing all God thought, said and spoke; to be seen as good; and as it is so; even in interims of becoming that can seem like forever. But know all life must endure such unto expected ends.

3.   As we study the days of Creation; “hayah” appears signifying the myriad supernatural, undeniably omnipotent moments and actions predicating the sovereign moving upon of God; despite His knowing evil was very present.

4.   God knew and saw; as we should; that darkness can’t change as it’s perverse; thus it always lurks thinking of how to exalt itself above God’s work; to obscure, confuse and try to wear it out; in hopes of taking it out! 
a)   God said; “Let there be light” and there was! “Hayah”!  He simply thought it; spoke it and hastened the ambient light He is; to go out from Him to begin “forever becoming”; “hayahing” so quickly; it can’t be stopped, overruled, overlooked; overwhelmed, obstructed; nor observed by limited natural sight.  
b)   Scientific experiments prove “hayah” forever becoming; dynamically thrust light forth with a big bang; to be as God said; traveling in a continual being; and is still being at the astonishing rate of 194,188 miles a second. Hayah!
c)   Consider this occurred before a sense of time was established; before God made His two great lights the sun and moon to govern the 4th day what He’d already “hayah’d” established to stand; and saw to just be seen; as what was the morning and “hayah” evening; of day one, two and three!  Incredible!

Genesis 1:4 (Apostle-aphrased)
And God “saw the light” that it was so very good!

“God Saw”

God Saw:  is “ra’ah” and in respect to the acts of Creation; it signifies this was a case of intentional, analytic seeing; a looking deep into; an advising the us He is; in being a three in one God; all was “forever becoming”!
1.   This “ra’ah” also signifies intentionally looking into with clear thoughtful insight. In so saying the revelatory here is; there was nothing superficial or any adverse influence by circumstantial evidence darkness tries to impose to curtail the ability to “ra’ah”.
a)   Consider when “God saw”; He did so taking full measure of; for to “ra’ah” also signifies a gauging; a surveying of all that is set, sent, prepared or presented for the introspective inspection “ra’ah” is by revelatory design.
b)   All this was already accomplished as God “ra’ah”; seeing every one of His prepared places for salvation; His every act in Creation; before He’d turned to call it to be; or formed them to become. All Creation was good He saw as already done; and the Light of His Word as Lord causing to “just be so”!  

2.   Remember; God not only saw about, into, past, all through and unto; and did so all at the same time. Thus absolutely nothing remains darkly veiled or hidden from His insight!
a)   This “ra’ah” in this context pertains to God’s supernatural ability to draw nigh so see beyond obvious appearances; that is a knowing of omniscience. It enables Him to be wisely near to visions He’d surely spoken and presented.
b)   Thus God saw declares; He beheld; insightfully considered based on what He’d already purposed and thought towards; thus expected to see it just be!
c)   When He “ra’ah” He also discerns with watchful care; He moves upon what He’s envisioned must be; and provides necessary oversight in seeing.

God Saw:  as “ra’ah” also signifies God looked into intimately; to know the very integrity of; before approving as worthy or good in His being absolutely free of all doubt; having fully seen!

3.   But a greater revelatory point today is; the ability to “ra’ah” isn’t limited to only to God having such supernatural insight; thus able to “see deep into”.
a)   Consider; man was about to be made in His image in Havilah. Man was about to be fully equipped, assigned and anointed with power to become His sons of God in the Earth.
b)   Yet don’t forget God saw introspectively; “ra’ah” it all in the beginning; in what were prehistoric times and despite the darkness still lurking nearby.
c)   His “ra’ahing” included seeing in Adam you and I. In being created them; all Adam’s; including Jesus who would come as the second; but spiritual one; every believer was formed in God’s mind as His own prepared places and vessels of salvation; from the beginning.
d)   For “ra’ah” as God does it; indicates incremental; even a panoramic seeing; one that is unlimited by the boundaries of physical space or chronos time.
e)   God “ra’ah’d” all future believers as the seed of Abraham; saw the expected end; saw man made beautiful in his interim of becoming; saw him perfected; saw him as light that shines on despite darkness.
f)    Remember God saw; He “ra’ah’d” all this as already created in His mind; already obediently awaiting His forming; awaiting His release into those great effectual doors of opportunity He makes to be opened in moments of appointed kairos.
g)   God saw us all already formed in His likeness to be His prepared places; His vessels of salvation; He formed to occupy; assigned to till and to fill Earth with the same dynamically ambient; thus very good everlasting Light He is!

Again … Genesis 1:4 (Apostle-aphrased)
And God saw the “light was good”!

 “Light Was Good”

Light:        appears 9x’s in Creation as “’owr” (hour); God called “towb” (toobe) signify what was illumination by the Spirit of revelation God is; and the Light of understanding He freely gives the formerly spiritually blind.
1.   Good light; “’owr-towb” is what God is, uses and purposes to bring to bear in every situation; including through His future prepared places and vessels He’ll use as salvation’s greater works dispensers.

2.   This “’owr-towb” describes many forms of light experienced as it becomes good for and in all its senses and appearances to help; from sparks flying unto dangerously powerfully flashing lightning bolts; that may be angels!

3.   The revelatory again is; as thoughts God was thinking towards He saw all He’d need to continually create as prepared places and vessels to provide His ambient light to the world; light already present in the world; before He adds natural back up light bringers in the afterwards of having said; let there be! 
a)   As “’owr-towb” God saw all those He’d choose to have dominion and who’d  exercise it by “ra’ahing” and utilizing its overcoming oversight in His name!
b)   God’s ability to “ra’ah” is exceedingly far greater than our limited delegated ability we have naturally; for the definitive is we’re finite; and He’s infinite. Yet God also indwells as our increase of His good and source of life’s Light.
c)   God still causes “’owr-towb” to be seen and experienced as the brightness of His coming able to reveal His presence still moving upon; despite darkness.
d)   This illumination God is; powerfully makes all things clear instantly; as He wills and to shine as the heated penetrating light His sun and Son remain.

4.   “’Owr-towb” also signified God making able to be seen as luminous; to shine on and through gloriously; and overcome all darkness; just as the breakthrough His daybreak brings!

5.    Metaphorically it can also signify joy experienced in God; a being lit; feeling kindled; ready to perform as His beacon of light; to be signs as His shew; go as if He set us on fire; so shine on and through; despite darkness. John 1:5
a)   For understand God had already “ra`ah”; saw and discerned so knew; that our light although already good; would be best seen by men coming already made free to shine on despite; having already been “divided” from darkness.
b)   So God turned next; to immediately do what He’d “ra`ah”; saw and discerned so knew and still; had chosen to already declare was very  good.

6.    As we prepare to close; consider the complete thought that God when He turned and “ra’ah-‘owr-towb” (rahah-hour-toobe); He immediately turned and did something that may have seemed strange unless you know the enemy was there lurking and watching God from darkness as He was creating.
a)   The X-Luficer as an X-rib; having become Sa’tan in being cast out of heaven as very bad; thought to make earth his kingdom of darkness.
b)   Consider he watched God move upon and call out light to be; and cringed as God saw; for His doing so immediately exposed all he’d crept about thinking to do in the dark. And He suddenly divided him from His Light!

7.   Finally, beloveds selah on this thought; there’s absolutely nothing new under the sun. Darkness is evil present; it works to obscure the light enabling us to “ra’ah”; “see” deep into and through; as our God does in all concerning us!
a)   Subtility uses artful misdirection in darkness; tempting us to eat bad fruit we fail to “ra’ah” as intentional; troubling, darkly entangling, old season lies to re-stir feelings in us, God never saw as good! Thankfully He’s “ra’ah’d” our light as so good! So by grace “hayah” and forever become more; for it is so!

Forever Becoming
We’re forever becoming from the day we say yes
To the One who has bid us to come
The path is narrow, the gate quite straight
On this journey that we have begun

We sometimes forget that we’re in a race
Because it’s not governed by speed
Perseverance becomes our driving force
And Endurance keeps us in the lead

There are days we feel we’ll never arrive
To the place the Lord wants us to be
We see ourselves ever falling from grace
To a place where we’re we don’t feel quite free

We’re forever becoming the chosen of God
Being changed to His image each day
It seems transformation is no easy feat
   There are times when we can’t find our way

Forever becoming means constant change
Till our fleshly self becomes dead
And for those of us who don’t give up
Many great rewards lie ahead

Forever becoming means keeping the faith
While we seek our Savior’s face
  From glory to glory we will be changed
Having trust and hope fueled by grace

Total transformation has been God’s plan
From the very beginning of time
There will come a day when we’ll be like Him
Transformed by the renewing of our mind.

Poem by: Novella Jenkins  

To achieve active transformation that’s forever becoming please note:
Romans 12:2 tells us:

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test, prove and forever become living evidence of what God’s will; as His good, pleasing and perfect will is; for us all!

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