Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 3)

Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 3)

This post is from the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught in a Bootcamp. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

We ended Part One of Commend All, into Abba’s Hands”, with the revelation of our way out of any dark time.

Understand, under the veil of darkness, an evil agenda was unfolding in the spirit world, that men on their own couldn’t see. But revelation says Sa`tan used the time given; working to obscure Jesus revelation, Who He was.
But God already appointed His Light can’t be taken by evil intent prevailing, against His Son’s Spirit.

He intended to reveal that within the essential time set as 12-3pm’s unfolding; Jesus in its after-hour; still yet wisely “see”. He’d discern the revelatory way to escape out of, unto; in any darkness, is always to commend His Spirit, only into His Abba’s hands.

We ended Part Two with the revelation and definition of the words “It is Finished”, but it was not over.

The revelatory is Jesus made an end; finished, fully discharged the debt He committed to in Gethsemane to do Abba, Father’s will and not His own. So, although He declared It is Finished limply hanging bleeding, vulnerable and appearing hopeless, forsaken remember; it ain’t over; till God says it’s over. The enemy still doesn’t seem to get it.

For though the weapon formed seemed prospered against Him as sin hung on to bring Him down tackled; yet see the revelatory picture. He overcame rounding that last turn of working out our salvation on earth; by yielding to that last degree of His change in being converted to now battle for the revelatory keysto hell and death. Revelation 1:18

In Part Three we will continue with this eternal truth and revelation of our way out of all is to
“Commend All, Into Abba’s Hands”.

Luke 23:46-49 & Revelation 1:18 Apostle-phrased

It is only Luke’s unique revelation the Lord gave Him that tells what really happened specifically at 3:00 pm after Jesus cried “It is Finished” and chronologically before He bowed His head and gave up the ghost. Remember, this was an “essential time spiritually”. He was behaving wisely by speaking concisely, therefore circumspectly. He said only Words empowered to strengthen and authorize Him to rise tofinish” working out our salvation and prepare for the next phase of the afterlife work required of Him.

Remember, His next ordered step was to lay down His life so He might enter the gates of hell with all our sins shrouding His light; then do the work of taking the keys to death and hell.

Luke says He immediately followed It is finished with this spiritual declaration of faith,

Father, into thy hands I commend My Spirit”!

The revelatory is despite the hell Jesus endured and still faced; remains sadly underestimated by too many believers; this was in no way a last-minute reactive thought; giving up to God out of pain, fear, or desperation!

“Into Thy Hands”

Into Thy Hands:   is specifically entrusting unto that is a calm, deliberate, responsive giving back unto God knowing He is intelligently poised, His hands are cupped. He waits to receive; all part of teamwork and follow-through in trusting in Him.

The revelatory is as “His” the wisdom for us is always readily give all that concerns us in working out what we know we’re assigned to; back into the hollow of God’s sovereign, omnipotent, omniscient, purposed, peace-filled hands form just for us.

It is an intelligent, intimate knowing that whatever we place in God’s Hands, He grasps and holds in His keeping; upheld, established to stand according to all He’s purposed be done, and more importantly, made ready for the follow-through to get us across the goal line

“Commend” vs. “I Commend My Spirit into Thy Hands”

Commend appears only in N.T., used 7 times; rendered 2 distinct ways. It appears as “sunistao” 5x’s. It pertains to presenting unto as we’ve fully approved of. It is an intellectual or relationship-based choosing to commit.

The revelatory is, this pertains to presenting justified findings of what we declare, ought to be favorable for anyone else to commit to. Its determination made to commit to men, things, or events, based on our, not God’s declared rightness, fitness, or worthiness.
It’s also committing to, in feeling bound to; a commending in believing man’s opinions, or facts gathered that back up a conviction we ought to do or be with as a good thing.

But is it the right thing? Does all we commend ourselves unto doing, fulfill righteousness as becometh us? Is what we willingly introduce favorably for others to commit to, based on personally participating in simply to win men’s favor or approval? Is it “God” for us?
This was not the “commending His Spirit” unto Abba as His Father and God, Jesus breathed out as a prayer.

“Commend My Spirit”

Commend My Spirit to the contrary His “commendingis a powerful revelatory concept called paratithemi. It appears only twice, both times specifically as revelatory apostolic words spoken by Jesus, then by Paul in his time.

It reveals a commitment to steps ordered; as the key principal thing to be done next. It speaks a predicate, establishing a thing as finished according to God. it is spoken as an ordered part of preparation to willingly move on apostolically; to the next phase of works assigned.

The revelatory is, paratithemi was strategically spoken for the first time ever as Jesus hung so on the cross. It signifies presenting to; entrusting unto God for His protection and keeping as only He can. It is a placing alongside Him; committed into His keeping until we reach the ordered other side of whatever He’s purposed; for us as His, to do!

Consider “paratithemi” signifies we deposit back truth God’s given. We consider it proven so set it before Him as a judge. Jesus was declaring by faith, I don’t see you, hear you, or even feel your presence, but I know you as My Abba Father. Therefore, I can unhesitatingly, will to commend, redeposit My Spirit, My Light; into Your hands alone.

Consider unknown to darkness rejoicing as the evil present; thinking surely Jesus ministry was destroyed; not! Consider demons danced thinking Jesus who’d claimed to be the life and light of men; was worn out, utterly sifted and so obviously “finished”, Sa`tan could now appropriate His Light as soon as He reached the gates of hell. But again, Not! Evil had won nothing! Consider, Jesus’ last eight Words spoken here was spiritual preparation for bowing His head; to then lay His life down for friend and foe alike. He did it out of that greater so loving unconditionally which is only done, in God’s likeness.

Consider unknown to darkness rejoicing as the evil present; thinking surely Jesus ministry was destroyed; not! Consider demons danced thinking Jesus who’d claimed to be the life and light of men; was worn out, utterly sifted and so obviously “finished”, Sa`tan could now appropriate His Light as soon as He reached the gates of hell. But again, Not! Evil had won nothing! Consider, Jesus’last eight Words spoken here was spiritual preparation for bowing His head; to then lay His life down for friend and foe alike. He did it out of that greater so loving unconditionally which is only done, in God’s likeness.

Matthew 27:50, Mark 15:37-39; Luke 23:46-49 & Revelation 1:18

Jesus cried with a loud voice, bowed His head, and gave up the ghost; in a manner that “yielded up the ghost”. And as He did; the veil of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. And the centurion who saw and heard all Jesus’ cries, and His giving up the ghost said; Truly this man was the Son of God!”

“Bowed His Head, Yielded then Gave Up the Ghost”

Bowed Head signifies death seized Jesus’ head as the part appearing most readily or easily taken hold of. Death did this as thinking to take advantage of Jesus who now appeared utterly weakened.

He intended to turn to flee with Jesus’ life. But the revelatory is, Oh, But not So!  Sa`tan thought Jesus appeared so worn out, so thoroughly sifted by sin; he could now legally snatch His life; so, take Him on out. After all He’d said He was finished, didn’t He? It certainly looked over!

But, consider this revelatory of oh, but not So!  For Jesus had said, It is finished; not I AM is finished!  He didn’t justgive up the ghost; but He yielding it up in order to pass through the gates of hell in His next ordered steps of the good works God had assigned Him to accomplish and finish; when reaching “there.

Yielded Up the Ghost signifying Jesus remitted, forwarded unto; He let go all that was; with full intention of following through to receive back all, He commended. He took it back, to be sent forth unto again!

Gave Up The Ghost is on the other hand described by one word; “ek`pneo” it signifies a sighing; an exhaling that lays down life; causing flesh to expire now!
The revelatory is that Jesus “ek`pneo” as His choice. And consider, this took place only after Jesus first, yielded up His ghost, His Spirit, His revelatory Light which is the Life of men. And in His doing so, Je declared He’d “finished” the accomplishing of His decease.
He did so, only because that “essential time” had come in which He was to permit His flesh to expire in having become our sins. But more importantly, see the revelation that in doing so; it also signifies Jesus still in His weakened state; controlled the exhaling of His breath of life.

Consider now what happened only “afterwards” of Jesus “Commending His All into Abba’s Hands” while darkness still yet covered. “Afterwards” of having bowed His head giving up, as yielding up the Ghost! Wow!

There are a few more revelatory points we need to address before we Selah.

Luke mentions another symbolic event that took place while Jesus was still on the cross but had exhaled His last breath as the Son of man. we are told about the tearing in two of the veil; that heavy curtaining of the temple. It formed a thick of heavily embroidered drapery that was hung to divide, to separate the holy of holies from the rest of the temple.

This veiling was strategically positioned to keep the people divided from the place where God localized His presence and His Light. 

The tearing from top to bottom symbolized the fact that now, because of Jesus’ death, people had freer access to God. We no longer must go through the old religious sacrificial system.

Jesus was the only sacrifice needed to enable people to have a proper relationship with God.

Jesus giving up the ghost had become that propitiation, or appeasement of redemption offering God required to forgive us our sin, and buy us out of the wages of sin; unto Him. All as a result of His ministry of reconciliation. Therefore, the Lord remains the only relationship we need to have that reconciles us unto having that irrevocable intimate relationship with God no man can take away. Remember, His death only occurred because He willed Himself to lay it down by commending His Spirit into God’s trustworthy hands.

The Word tells us clearly, Jesus was put to death “in the flesh; but made alive in the spirit”. The revelatory here is it signifies death could not hold Jesus.  Why? Because He was sinless, and death is the wages of sin. Romans 6:23, 1 Peter 3:18 

Remember we know Jesus never sinned, thus, His spirit remained alive, though He suffered death “in the flesh”. So despite what the enemy meant for evil; yet God’s Word prevails!  

The Lord died for all our sins once for all. He died for the just as well as for the unjust; all so that He might bring us out of sin’s dark lethal hold; unto God. That is the power of the ministry of reconciliation. He was put to death in the flesh, yes; darkness reigned for 3 hours, yes, yet the spiritual absolute remains; He was made to be yet alive in the spirit.

What did Jesus do the three days He lay in the grave?

Peter was given the revelation that Jesus in the Spirit went and preached salvation unto those spirits that were imprisoned by their disobedience in Life.

He mentions Jesus reach even those who’d died back in Noah’s day. Again, let us remember, death cannot truly occur to a Spirit Being like Jesus was and is God. 

1 Peter 3:18-20

The grave has no power over sinless flesh and that is why those who are Christ’s will be raised to eternal life because His righteousness is accounted to those who believe in Him. The interesting thing here is that Peter writes the Lord made this proclamation to the imprisoned spirits.   

Jesus also proclaimed the gospel to those who had perished in the flood; and even to those of Noah’s family saved from the flood yet had to await His redemptive work at Calvary to be finished. Sa`tan had no idea what would occur when Jesus commended His Spirit into Abba’s hands and went on into the grave through the gates of hell!

Whatever else happened and how long it took we don’t know, but scripture tells us when Jesus rose He took captivity with Him as the firstfruits offering unto Abba. They were representative of all of us who will follow in that “essential time set” and still to come despite darkness making it all seem a lie!

Let us remember, the Lord went down to hell to proclaim His victory. He did not go there still suffering or as punishment for being unworthy. Yes, Calvary was a living hell in itself. For hell is the absolute absence of God; and yes, Jesus for a time felt separated from the Father’s love.  But not so! He went in spirit to hell to proclaim His victory over evil and His conquering of the grave too. 

This concludes the 3-Part teaching from Dr. Aikens on “Commend All, Into Abba’s Hands” Be sure to read out loud the responsive reading at the beginning of Part One.
And remember the Easter Story is the reason we can live our story daily in peace and free from sin. GLORY!

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