Legacy Levels-Part 3-Relationships

FriendshipOver the last few weeks, we looked at 3 Concepts that impact our Life Legacy. In the last post on Association, I shared some points about Life Legacy, let’s look at some more:
1) Our Life Legacy is about fulfillment. Unlike Professional Legacy and Genealogical Legacy which are about accomplishment and completion; our life legacy is what fulfills us as an individual.
2) Our Life Legacy is a journey. Again unlike the other two legacies which are seasonal in nature; our life legacy lasts a lifetime.
3) Our Life Legacy is the story behind the eulogy when we are laid to rest. Our legacy is made up of those singular events, acts of kindness, moments of strength beyond our understanding that come together to guide, inspire and fashion the who we are in this life.
Relationship A relationship is so important in our life. We can relate to many but having a relationship requires give and take ( movement ) on all sides.  Whether it is the relationship of a husband and wife or a family of many generations; a relationship is so rewarding to all that it touches.  Unlike Association or Friendship, when I am in a relationship with someone it will not find fulfillment unless it is mutually beneficial.
Relationship invokes a response from all areas of our being.  We must find a touch point that is mental, emotional, socially or spiritually for a relationship to be what was intended.

Here are 3 benefits of Relationship as it relates to your Life Legacy:

1) Enrichment: A life legacy relationship brings enrichment to our lives as we change and our life changes. Example: A childhood friend that you have where unconditional love and respect never changes regardless of time spent together as the year’s pass.  Each encounter leaves you with the sense of being blessed to know them.
2) Excellence: A life legacy relationship causes us to want to do our best, be our best and give our best. Example: The mentor that opened up your life to some totally new and difference experience and the excellence that lies with you.
3) Enjoyment: A life legacy relationship brings enjoyment regardless of the activity or lack thereof. Example: You and your spouse are sitting on the porch just watching the beauty of God’s creation; no words and not even holding hands; yet you share an enjoyment that comes from the relationship.
A relationship is used in many ways, by many people. Be wise as to whom you join in relationship with; because they will impact your life legacy. Pick wisely and then be prepared to give of yourself with joy and eagerness to develop the life legacy relationships.
It is my desire to inspire you to create, build, form and fashion the life legacy you desire and deserve.  Who do you have a life legacy relationship with?

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  1. Loretta Gould

    Awesome writing Jane! I am blessed to have a life legacy relationship with my lifelong friend Linda and also my wonderful Husband Mike 🙂

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