Are You Following the Sun of Your Season?

I love the song Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof. Listen here to a great rendition just to refresh your memory of this moving song.
In the seasons of your life, the sun will change position, just as it does every day.  As you rise each day, the sun appears like it is brand new and never seen before. Each evening it sets like it has truly disappeared. Try as we may, we can not stop the sun from rising or setting, just as we can not stop the seasons of our own life.
The sun represents many things to us: life, growth, heat, sweat, morning and newness, just to name a few.  As you have gone through different seasons of life, have you ever wondered where the sun was for you?
When I was in my 40’s, I never thought about how long the days were or when the sunset and sunrise would happen. Because, if I needed growth, I worked harder.  If I needed to feel new, I purchased a new outfit.  I was foolish enough to believe that I was in control of my seasons and the daily sunrises and sunsets of my life.  Did you ever feel that way?
Yet, I was deceived. I had no idea where my sun was or where I was going. Now in my 60’s each sunrise is precious and each sunset, amazing.
With each challenge I face, I know that the sun is always in front of me, even if it is night.  As I turn and face the difficulty, experience reminds me that even though I may have missed the wonderful sunrise or overlooked the sunset, another is just ahead.

3 Lessons Learned About Following the Sun In Your Season

1) Don’t look back. If you look back at the seasons that have passed, you will not find the sun. Looking back is only for the purpose of remembering things of the past, and because the sun ahead of you has never happened before, you will not find it in the past. Look forward!
2) Move. If I stand still looking for the sun, your season is still moving and you will miss the sun you  need for your current place and season.  Keep moving forward in the knowledge and understanding that you have and you will find the sun for each day.
3) Look ahead. As your seasons pass do not get stuck in looking side to side at others in your life.  When you do the side to side watching, it can cause you to stumble or even miss the long-awaited sun that is just ahead.  Keep your gaze looking ahead and you will find the sun rising up to meet you.
It is my desire to inspire you to press on into your sun for this season. It is necessary for growth, progress, health and direction.
Follow the sun of your season…today!