The Favor of God

The favor of God is a wonderful thing
It is something that we can all treasure
It is given to those who are chosen by Him
And He gives it to us without measure.
So many examples are found in His word
Of this favor, He gave to His own
To Abel, Abraham, Moses, and Job
God’s ridiculous favor was shown.
When our ways are pleasing to God
He gives us those things we desire
When we look to Him in confidence and faith
His favor will take us much higher.
In God’s favor, one thing is evident
Our relationship plays a great part
Willing sacrifices we must be
And God must have all of our heart.
Sometimes this favor comes as a surprise
We feel that we’re so undeserving
But ridiculous favor that comes from above
Is because God’s love is unswerving.
So many incidents come into our lives
Threatening to put us to chase
But because of this favor He blesses us with
We are covered by God’s saving grace.
Know that God’s constant favor abounds for us
It’s ours when His word we have learned
What a privilege to experience this favor of God
But know this, it’s not free it is earned.
Ridiculous favor is something God gives
And we’ve heard that favor ain’t fair
But when we give to God all we have
In His divine favor we’ll share.
And though many hardships yet abound
God’s favor abounds that much more
He’ll keep our feet on solid ground
Until we reach His chosen shore.

Written by Novella Jenkins – 6/11/17

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