God Made

day one

He literally altered the entire situation of the anomalies seen in the earth and being formless, void and full of the darkness that was upon the face of the deep!
As God spoke and thus “made” or “asah’d”; He literally called those things that be not as though they were; and what? And it was so!
Even though things didn’t look good in Genesis 1:2 yet just because God is; and was that very present help; it was all good!
day twoGod Made:  appears for the first time in Genesis 1:7 as “asah” and points to the powerful, extremely intricate, detailed working God always brings to bear in all things He says and does.
God Made:   is also in John 1:1-5 “ginomai” (ghin’-om-ahee); revealing Jesus as the same Light without which nothing was made. It signifies He generates; He causes a virtual becoming.
It signifies His very presence alone can hasten His Word to a performing!
It signifies Jesus as God’s Word made flesh; arises sent to cause a literal assembling of all things to take place and stand with a readiness to become.
It implies His moving causes a literal coming to pass; it gives all He says the viability and ability to continue to be and to follow through unto a fulfilling.
It suggests God accomplishes; He causes a prospering to occur in all as He keeps in check and makes to grow up to perform all; just as He said! Wow!
Thus “asah and ginomai” are one and the same; working all things together signifying what God has made He appoints to stand and accomplish; to grow and even advance in busying itself with whatever it’s sent to accomplish; and still yet supernaturally remain qualified to become even more He envisions.
From the 2nd day of creation unto the sixth; nowhere else is this word “asah” used as prolifically productive as it is in God’s spiritually dynamic; creative activity; this powerful little four letter word expresses.