Has God Said

Has God said, then stand your ground
Don’t you dare be moved
Be as that tree at the water’s edge
Tried, tested and proved.
Praising God with all your might
Because you know that you know
You have all you need though withstood to stand
And God’s power will surely show.
The winds of adversity blew on you
You were shaken but yet you stood
Because you believed that which you heard
You say to yourself, God is good.
The sons of God are being revealed
Greater works you shall do in me
Healing diseases, even raising the dead
And causing blind eyes to see.
The sons of thunder are being raised up
Willing and ready to fight
Using the word as your sword and shield
Walking by faith and not sight.
You will be in perils and much distress
Knocked down but surely not out
You’ll rise up in greater authority
Of this let there be doubt.
The enemy thinks to weary you
That’s a weapon he often uses
But he cannot succeed if you don’t faint
God’s word says the enemy loses.

Written by Novella Jenkins – 6/12/99


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