Building Your Legacy Tips-Ep#10 Acceptance of Some Day/Someday

Building Your Legacy Tips Episode #10 Acceptance of our somedays and some days will bring us peace and enable us to show light into the darkness for those who watch our lives. Learn about that necessary acceptance in his episode of the "Building Your Legacy Tips" podcast. "Building Your Legacy Tips" is a series of short podcasts to help you understand and build your legacy because we all build a legacy every day, so do it as it becometh you.

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Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 2)

We ended Part One of "Commend All, into Abba's Hands", with the revelation of our way out of any dark time. Understand, under the veil of darkness, an evil agenda was unfolding in the spirit world, that men on their own couldn’t see. But revelation says Sa`tan used the time given; working to obscure Jesus revelation, Who He was. But God already appointed His Light can’t be taken by evil intent prevailing, against His Son’s Spirit. He intended to reveal that within the essential time set as 12-3pm’s unfolding; Jesus in its after-hour; still yet wisely “see”. He’d discern the revelatory way to escape out of, unto; in any darkness, is always to commend His Spirit, only into His Abba’s hands. We continue with the teaching as to learn of Peter and his revelation of shrouding of darkness. Matthew 27:45-46;…

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Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 1)

Dr. Aikens often starts or ends teaching with a time of responsive reading. This time of everyone reading together helps us to gain personal understanding. I encourage you to read aloud this section of responsive reading. Be encouraged and filled with understanding. Responsive Reading We consider and know we are the called out; being taught to be strong in the Lord; to be strengthened inwardly in the grace of spiritual blessings we find only in Christ Jesus. We also become strengthened by the revelatory instructions we receive from those God has chosen to transmit, deposit into and entrust to us; that we might become in turn His reliable and faithful that He will use to become competent and qualified to teach others also. Consider, to do this we must become able to take on and endure through our share of…

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