Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 1)

Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 1)

This post is from the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught in a Bootcamp. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

Dr. Aikens often starts or ends teaching with a time of responsive reading. This time of everyone reading together helps us to gain personal understanding. I encourage you to read aloud this section of responsive reading. Be encouraged and filled with understanding.

Responsive Reading

We consider and know we are the called out; being taught to be strong in the Lord; to be strengthened inwardly in the grace of spiritual blessings we find only in Christ Jesus.

We also become strengthened by the revelatory instructions we receive from those God has chosen to transmit, deposit into and entrust to us; that we might become in turn His reliable and faithful that He will use to become competent and qualified to teach others also.

Consider, to do this we must become able to take on and endure through our share of hardship and suffering as do good first-class soldiers of Christ Jesus. For we know no good soldier when in service, foolishly allows himself to become entangled in affairs of civilian life. He aims instead to satisfy and please Who enlisted him.

We also know, if we desire to be among those striving for excellence, mastery; an achieve our maximum potential in all we do for the Lord; we cannot be crown so unless our striving is by His Words. 

Thus, we all need to think carefully about what we learn through revelations of the Spirit of Truth. We need to consider, think over, and get the understanding to grasp the life application of what we are learning as truth.

Then we are to wisely commend our individual journey of ordered steps into Abba’s Hands, and it is He that shall give us that quick understanding and full insight in everything that lies ahead.

We will constantly keep in mind that Jesus Christ as the Messiah and Son of God; Has risen indeed from the dead. We believe as was prophesied He is the King of Kings descended from David, according to the Gospel.

And we know that for believing this Gospel; for our walking in its truth; for daring to live our relationship with Abba gained in salvation, aloud; we will suffer works of darkness coming as trouble.

This is even as Jesus did on His cross. It’s as Paul did in his journeys; and all those before, even after us; whom the Lord knows as “His”. Our truth is, we all must needs go through many afflictions; even held hostage by viruses.

But our truth is, the Lord will deliver us out of them all! Jesus suffered more than we all; was crucified between two thieves; was shrouded in darkness. And in it, He, presenting Himself as God’s living sacrifice; knowing no sin; took it on. He bore every dark, stinking, ugly heavyweight sin is, just for us; for me to have His eternal life & peace.

And we must also remain ready to persevere, to stand our ground with patience and endure everything God permits to come nigh our ordered steps; for the sake of the His other chosen elect that need to be strengthened as overcomers despite sifting. We represent salvation in Christ Jesus and the rewards of glory.

Because we have considered, and God’s Word is sure to us, it is worthy of our confidence. Therefore, He will give us understanding in all things. Thus, we choose to be content to “commend” our spirit and way forward in ordered steps, into Abba’s hands. For we know; “In choosing to die with Christ; we indeed, live with Him”! Amen and Amen.

We will commend our lives and choices into Abba’s hands, so let us learn about the principal thing.

“Principal Thing (defined)”

It is the Principal Thing

Principal Thing:   king Solomon shared this concept as a spiritual absolute signifying we’re to consider whatever it pertained to as first in order of importance, as a focus, that may well be part of God’s “essential timing; to begin walking in now

Principal thing signified those things or ones among us we must carefully consider then yield to do. We’re to obediently comply to accordingly, doing so knowingly; acknowledging the spiritual ranking, stature, strategic positioning, power, and authority His Spirit reveals it should have; for “our own salvation.

The revelatory is the Spirit of the Lord progressively makes us of “quick understanding” in what then becomes spiritual protocol for us; and part of expected first fruits offerings.

Principal things then, become what He imparts is to establish as to go forward in that excellence pleasing to God, in whatever we’re led to begin, launch into or assigned to finish as exploits. Good and greater work portions in salvation; require this of us all.

Principal things become chief parts of all He expects us to incorporate into our walks; to then live by. Thus, careful consideration must wisely be paid to whatever He deems as so; for they have authority to come alongside and even to continue to be with us; as a touching all we are. Thus, we must be discerning of all good or bad; godly or ungodly.

Therefore, all revelation teaches us is spiritually a principal thing, key and is always relevant, important, about, and affects all God intends should concern us. This is so true if asHis; we desire to press into living our salvation aloud; as becometh us.  

“Get Understanding, it is Key (defined)”

Get Understanding: our revelatory takeaway was the Spirit holds us to higher standards thus it behooves us to get it in realizing what it teaches us is extremely “key” to apply and walk-in as only His overcomers can do quickly.

We learned being “key” signified any Light of Revelation we’re given to spiritually apply as understanding. The application makes wisdom we’re given become a principal thing. Key is God opening great, though effectual doors, just for us! As we press on to apply what we hear; we gain answers and needed direction. The Spirit reveals key essential timing, ways, and methods He sets in fresh motion; just for us! So, His keys make complete openings into by which He brings forth truths revealing expected ends set; just for us!

We are going to look at the Easter story as our example because what we learn in this story, is for our lives every day. And Beloveds, learn that our encouragement today facing anything; is simply, to commend our spirit into Abba’s hands, in heavenly places. Psalm 91

Psalm 91

Luke 23:33-46 Apostle-phrased!

We pick up our Easter backstory by backing up to consider the quick understanding Jesus had that we will find remained “key” as it guided Him through the spiritual hell He faced and silently endured.
Still, He knew evil still yet awaited Him on many levels during His next three hours of the three days He’d already prophesied would come.

First, He’d declared; “As Jonah was 3 days and nights in the whale’s belly; so, shall I, the Son of man be 3 days and nights in the heart of the earth”.
Second, He’d taught the disciples; “The Son of man must suffer many things; be rejected of the elders, chief priests, and scribes and be killed; but then after 3 days, rise again!
Third, He prophesied to the unbelieving religious Jews rejecting the revelatory Light of His Words; “Destroy this temple and in 3 days “I’ll” raise it up. Now the Jews protested how it took 46 long years to build the glorious temple; How could Jesus dare claim to have the power to rebuild it in but 3 days?

But what Jesus prophesied about the temple signified His own body.
And He already knew when Mary would later report Him as risen 3 days hence on Sunday; His disciples would finally remember His Words and get wisdom’s key understanding that eluded them now.
But now all watched in terrified disbelief from afar off, the suffering arrogantly assaulting Him as He accomplished that shameful decease by crucifixion.

Consider the scene according to the revelation the Spirit of the Lord used Luke alone to give as a revelatory view of what occurred after Jesus turned His mother’s care over to John to take her into his home.
In the time they were gone, Jesus hung in painful silence seeming alone, vulnerable, and forsaken. All the while religious Jews milled about gazing on His suffering; mocking, taunting, and challenging Him to show them greater miracles, new signs; get down off the cross to save Himself; if really Christ; God’s chosen Son!

To add insult to injury, He saw soldiers at the foot of His cross disdainfully gambling over His clothes taken. But again, He strengthened to press past His own hellishly horrific pain flesh felt; Jesus laid aside weights the spirits of heaviness and fear brought to thoroughly sift Him; to instead speak a principal thing now a key part of the working out our salvation. It is Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do!”

Even as one of the thieves crucified with Him; followed the religious Jews examples to mockingly ask; “If You’re really Christ, why don’t you save yourself and us too?
The other rebuked him saying; “Don’t you fear God? We’re rightly condemned to receive the due reward of our own deeds. But this Man, He is innocent! This repentant thief lifted his head and cried; Lord, remember me, when You come into Your kingdom!”
And Jesus, knowing God’s “essential timing” for what was to happen the next three days said; “Today, you shall indeed be with Me in paradise”! Now in researching, we find they were crucified during a full moon!

But scripturally Matthew, Mark, and John agree synoptically with Luke, that after they recorded events; an unexplained phenomenon occurred. Specifically, at noon there was suddenly, impenetrable darkness that fell over all earth until 3 pm!
Jewish scholars call it an eclipse so dark, that stars appeared in that blackened sky, and this was the only thing men reportedly agree they all saw. Yet all scientists also agree; eclipses can’t occur during full moons! What about darkness could powerfully cause Jesus as that essential time ended; to suddenly scream aloud?

“Darkness Over All”

Darkness overall was so dark that stars shined in the sky, and it was at noonday!

Darkness Over All signifies intelligent force full of progressive shadiness that darkly seeks to cover over God’s purposes in gross obscurity; rising only at God’s command to go, make come to pass.

The revelatory is darkness here; it is the same as in Genesis 1:3; but there it signifies perverted darkness; bringing darkening shades of gloom, ignorance, misery, destruction, sorrow, and utter wickedness working to shroud light; so make all touched; appear to be void!

Revelation is God, loosed this veiling darkness to arise on cue; to cover as in the beginning when it seemed to obscure all God had created universally as if His purposes could ever truly be made void. So, it truly behooves us to get understanding for this today.

Consider within this essential timing, as Jesus presented Himself the living sacrifice God found wholly acceptable; He alone loosed darkness; He’d separated, to remain “there” diminished and divided from His Light.Genesis 1:2-5 

Get this key understanding as wisdom; works of darkness cannot go out unabated.  It has enforced kairos times God allots any sifting as wheat; to limitedly do its worst.
As in Job, it signifies the gates of hell cannot prevail against us as “His”. Darkness was only sent purposely, as part of ordered steps Jesus must needs go through. It again is loosed yet leashed; permitted to sift so, only within essential kairos boundaries set, i.e. 12-3 pm.

Understand, under the veil of darkness shrouding, an evil agenda was unfolding in the spirit world, that men on their own couldn’t see. But revelation says Sa`tan used time given; working to obscure Jesus revelation, of Whose so Who He was. But God already appointed His Light can’t be taken by evil intent prevailing, against His Son’s Spirit.

And God knew Jesus’ cry would be interpreted as His heart overwhelmed and forsaken in that darkness of feeling heavily weighted with sin. But Abba knew Jesus did it for us. And the only one Jesus faith would ever entrust His Light unto; would be His Hands!

He intended to reveal that within the essential time set as 12-3pm’s unfolding; Jesus in its after-hour; still yet wisely “see”. He’d discern the revelatory way to escape out of, unto; in any darkness, is always to commend His Spirit, only into His Abba’s hands.

The revelatory way to escape out of, unto; in any darkness, is always to commend His Spirit, only into His Abba’s hands.

This is the end of Part One, we continue with this needful revelation of how Jesus overcame all darkness for us and that we can do the same by using the revelation keys He has left for us.


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