Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 2)

Commend All, into Abba’s Hands! (Part 2)

This post is from the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught in a Bootcamp. Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

We ended Part One of “Commend All, into Abba’s Hands”, with the revelation of our way out of any dark time.

Understand, under the veil of darkness, an evil agenda was unfolding in the spirit world, that men on their own couldn’t see. But revelation says Sa`tan used the time given; working to obscure Jesus revelation, Who He was.
But God already appointed His Light can’t be taken by evil intent prevailing, against His Son’s Spirit.

He intended to reveal that within the essential time set as 12-3pm’s unfolding; Jesus in its after-hour; still yet wisely “see”. He’d discern the revelatory way to escape out of, unto; in any darkness, is always to commend His Spirit, only into His Abba’s hands.

We continue with the teaching as to learn of Peter and his revelation of shrouding of darkness.

Matthew 27:45-46; Mark 15:33; Luke 23:44-45

Peter shares for us the revelation of what happened under the shrouding of darkness. It set to work to cover Jesus with every heavyweight of our past, present, and future sins as He presented Himself our High Priest; to be that living sacrifice as an innocent lamb God required, as redemptions price required for our salvation.

Revelation says in that present darkness Jesus personally bore our sins which assaulted His heart, mind, and body on the cross, as if on an altar. In that silent darkness, a spiritual working out of our own salvation occurred which men couldn’t see.
But Jesus offered Himself in our place. All so we’d have the right to die or spiritually cease to exist to sin; and live instead, to fulfill righteousness as it becometh us.

And by His wounds and stripes, we’re declared already healed, delivered, and already whole in His salvation.
1 Peter 2:24

Consider, for the first time Jesus was touched in the same point we are when we “feel” such darkness, suffering, and or pain; we feel separated from God’s presence. The more sin piled on the more Jesus felt cut off from the intimacy of God’s love and the relationship He’d enjoyed. He felt denied the presence He’d so easily pressed into as the begotten Son of God. After three hours it all seemed gone. But thank God, He endured anguishing separation; just for us!

Consider this, why after 3 long interminable hours Jesus, at exactly 3:00; obviously an essential time spiritually; He suddenly made a loud, sound. Men of course interpreted it as His being so tormented and all the feeling assailing Him easily besetting his mind; He cried out!

My God, My God; Why, have You Forsaken Me?

“Why, Forsaken Me?”

Why Forsaken signifies Jesus flesh, not His Spirit; demanded to know; God “If” You’re still for Me; why am I not persuaded this darkness hasn’t prevailed? I “feel” absolutely separated from Your love! What does this remind you we’re taught to be “persuaded” about regardless of experience?


Persuaded:  appears in the N.T., 18 x’s rendered 2 ways. Twice it’s rendered plerophoreo and is predicated by the need to be fully persuaded. It’s a spiritual work still in progress. Its process requires a step by step walking out to a fullness; before we can accept considering truth to be evidence, we can be completely assured of.

The revelatory is being convinced of spiritual truth as accomplished in us; it must be fully known, surely proved by sight; so beyond our reasonable doubts; before we’re willing to stand believing unseen things of God’s Word; enough, to then call it “faith”.

Persuaded16x’s it on the other hand is rendered pe`itho signifying becoming so convinced, confident, content, and trusting in; a result of irrefutable arguments God’s Word presented; we received as sown with joy, and guard carefully to keep. Mark 4:14-20

The revelatory is those who are “pe`itho”; as Jesus was; gratefully remain believing He is. For like Him we learn humility and obedience through things we suffer. And we find He is constant to reward those continually trusting to diligently seek Him even more, as we become shrouded in the sifting evil works of darkness, that obscure all ability to see.   

Thus being pe`itho is the sealing of evidence as now authority within us God uses, to stay hearts and minds to see Him through all. It puts all uncertainty, wavering, and double-minded instability unto rest; so that He withholds no good thing from us; ever!

Matthew 27:46; Mark 15:34; Luke 23:44-45 Continued:

In returning to our “Easter” backstory, we get a further understanding of the persuaded Jesus chose to remain, so retain as His integrity; a “principal thing of His wisdom”.Remember, regardless of how His last recorded seven sayings on the cross are interpreted or even omitted, know it’s done by those who don’t really know Jesus intimately, to understand His level of commitment to do God’s willBut we, ought to know by now!

Consider, without any shadow of a doubt; that despite what was reported said or not; despite the fact we may never know the full extent of His sufferings; despite three interminable hours, shrouded in gross darkness, despite every dark unimaginable sin piling on, working on His mind, trying to dim His light; sifting His faith, taunting it and Him to make it fail Him; yet He’d already prayed, so it couldn’t. Beloveds, so none of what He suffered had the power to change who Jesus was in Spirit or to appropriate His Light.

Remember the revelation given to us in John 1:5.

In the beginning, before all time was the Word (Jesus). As the Word, He was with God; and as the Word, He was God Himself. He was present originally with God. And all things were made, came into existence through Him. Not one thing was made without Him. Not one man comes into being without His Life. In Him was and is Life that remains the Light of all men. And His revelatory Light shines on despite any darkness. Beloveds, darkness absolutely has no authority to ever overpower It, put It out, absorb nor misappropriate It. Thus, Sa`tan and his minions regardless of how long darkness; it can’t touch or take out His Light. It remains so, always!  So, Amen!

Another revelatory takeaway here is, it doesn’t matter if flesh sounds a little crazed in feeling left behinddiminishedthere. His cries become more understandable when we remember regardless of what He endured; the Spirit of the Lord still rested upon Him as He presented Himself that willing living sacrifice God’s will, revealed He must accomplish. Luke 9:30-31, 22:42

Don’t ever think we minimalize Jesus’ sufferings in sharing revelation. But it redefines what those watching Him interpreted as His flesh made Him reactive or Sa`tan changed Him. He didn’t accuse God of unfairly forsaking Him cause pain made His faith fail. Not so!  Flesh never made Him do anything; nor could the devil; weak or not!

He didn’t cry out because any sifting of sin abounding, shrouding Him in darkness, proved too much for grace! Not! Grace must always wait for our essential time of kairos God sets before it comes! And when it comes, it’s never late; but shows all perils sin makes us face; the more than enough sufficiency God gives it; to prevail over it all!

Grace will, just as it did for Jesus “Easter morning”; show up as the power of resurrection coming right on time to strengthen us to press on past anything, to do exploits finishing works Abba gives us; in knowing come what may; we’re already delivered.  Amen?

Another revelatory takeaway is flesh can and often will, talk a little crazy, for it hooks into our baggage of overwhelming pain or sorrow over destruction, the dissolution of our love relationships and or any type devasting loss, as its avenue of expression.

But, remember, “persuaded faith”, trumps flesh and keeps us upheld through anything; till we can look up and spy our ordered step and spiritual footing in faith again. We will!

So, although Jesus couldn’t see” God’s reason, purpose or way forward to ever come out of this, to where He’d ever be restored to wholeness in relationship with Abba as His Son, again.

And although His flesh voiced indignant justification how the stench of sin Jesus knew He’d become in God’s nostrils; meant grace didn’t have the sufficiency to ever increase so strengthen Him to abound again to good works; consider this:

His Spirit was quickened with the understanding to wisely say; not so!  Remember the Spirit of the Lord continually rested upon and attended to His every need; so, remained deeply, intimately, certainly unconditionally connected to and working upon Him always.

Thus, Jesus Spirit was never broken; and His next actions prove He died a Son in Whom God remained well pleased; and His overcomer worthy to inherit all things!

Matthew 27:47-61; Mark 15:33-41; John 19:28-37

So despite His horrific 3-hour experience being diminished in unfamiliar darkness that shrouded His sacrifice; as if God sanctioned it; the Spirit of the Lord did His work and quickened Jesus Spirit to be revived; so look up to His help, trusting God.
We see this play out as we return to our revelatory of theEaster” backstory. Jesus disciples Matthew, Mark, and John as eyewitnesses; though all stood afar off; reported after Jesus outburst, the soldiers thinking He complained of thirst, gave Him vinegar to drink.

But beloveds, John, the only disciple that returned to the cross, despite the darkness, bringing back with Him the two Mary’s, so, was strategically positioned to hear clearly for himself; he records how it is that Jesus, at 3:00 pm, breaking His silence with that loud cry; did after refusing their cheap wine; cry out again, and this time it was It is finished; and then laying down His life; bowed His head and gave up the ghost.

Consider the revelation that there were two different ways Jesus declared He’d “finished” the work God had given, and He said it both ways in the same essential time period; of three days before men celebrate “Easter” with eggs and bonnets; having absolutely nothing to do with what He had to do to work out to thefinish” His sacrifice; done just for me! It behooves us to know the difference.


Finished:     Jesus had declared He’d telei`oo, signifying an orderly completing of required steps or processes required, to fully accomplish by careful consummation in like character; according to God’s likeness. He was agreed in Spirit to walk on in ordered steps to circumspectly culminate the journey to “telei`oo”, accomplishing His decease; by obediently submitting to suffer unmitigated shame in crucifixion.

The revelatory is He was moving in the process of “telei`oo” by praying Himself through unto Gethsemane. Apostle-phrasing: “He lifted His eyes to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has now come; glorify Me as Your Son, that I may glorify You as I press into it.

As You’ve given Me power over all flesh, that I might give eternal life to as many as You’ve given Me; that they might know You too as the only true God and know Me as Christ, in You. As You sent Me; I have accordingly glorified You in My time on earth.

I’ve “finished this first-fruit work You gave Me to do. So now O Father; glorify Me with the same glory I had with You before forming the world, as I go on in “finishing”!

He was consecrated to fulfill thus make perfect as the Father decreed; He committed to the doing of, all the way on through. John 4:34-5:36; 17:5

Finished signifies as He declared it on the cross, however, is “teleo”. It signified He’d reach the end of His given so-known course.

It’s more than just accomplished, it’s having completed, executed, concluded, performed, and endured unto its end. But the stipulation or caveat in “teleo” is done only according to God’s likeness; and exactly the way He orders that He purposed we do; just for Him.

The revelatory is Jesus made an end; finished, fully discharged the debt He committed to in Gethsemane to do Abba, Father’s will and not His own. So, although He declared It is Finished limply hanging bleeding, vulnerable and appearing hopeless, forsaken remember; it ain’t over; till God says it’s over. The enemy still doesn’t seem to get it.

For though the weapon formed seemed prospered against Him as sin hung on to bring Him down tackled; yet see the revelatory picture. He overcame rounding that last turn of working out our salvation on earth; by yielding to that last degree of His change in being converted to now battle for the revelatory keysto hell and death.
Revelation 1:18

We end Part Two with the understanding of the power of Jesus’ words “It is Finished”. We will continue with this eternal truth and revelation of our way out of all is to Commend All, Into Abba’s Hands.

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    Keeping on the narrow path is especially difficult when few are traveling alongside. Praise be to God that he set me apart, never allowing me to ‘fit in’. Sometimes being obedient is lonely, staying hidden and not be able to ‘display’ your gifts openly can be a challenge. Having said that, being blessed by God as a conduit for His will in the church has been nothing short of miraculous: doors opening without ever having knocked on them, being offered leadership position after leadership position in the church and never having sought them is breathtaking. That being said, I do miss being with others of my kind, enjoying being ‘drunk in the spirit’ together, sharing our gifts openly. Take care, God is rebuilding his church to His image of His church, when God rebuilds He tears down first, building from the foundation up, on a firm foundation.

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