Bring Forth To Rule

day threeGod’s working is best seen and appreciated in the revelatory Light He is, and in being sovereign sends forth upon the earth when and as He wills!
God Made:   as “asah” signifies what God made; He appointed to stand and be well able; to grow, advance, and even busy itself by being apt; unusually qualified; to continue becoming as made to.
The rhetorical question Balaam asked prophetically; “has He said and shall He not do it or spoken and shall He not make it good”; speaks to how absolute the spiritually dynamic paradigm of ordered change He established in Creation is.
1st Bring Forth:     in Genesis 1:11 it is the word “dasha’” (daw-shaw’); God said it was to take root; to sprout; to spring forth suddenly from. It still does that; one minute a tree is bare; next morning we see leaves!
2nd Bring Forth:    in Genesis 1:20 the intensity of what God said to creation changes to actually read; “let bring forth abundanday fourtly”; expressed by one word; “sharats” (shaw-rats’).
To Rule:   in Genesis 1:16 God turns to introduce the concept of “memshalah” (mem-shaw-law’) as He established and gave the sun and the moon what is non-personal power; or a realm in which they continually shine; in an exercising of specified dominion power over invisible forces.
To Rule:   He set them to rule in the 1st and 2nd heavens where our environment and atmosphere are concerned; to maintain a habitable Earth for man to occupy.