Can You See Him?

Can You See HimCan you “see” Him? He moves in the quietness and confidence of knowing all that His being Sovereign God means!
Can you “see” Him?
See Him as revelatory; as He causes a literal dynamic shaking up to occur just by His showing up!
RAVENICONSee Him yet as being deliberate; and decisive in moving as only He can; already knowing the beginning from His expected ends for all things as His!
RAVENICONSee Him moving upon; causing the face of the waters to literally boil up in an anticipation of what He’d say as the light caused darkness to have to back up on its own.
RAVENICONSee Him; as all this happens though He hasn’t opened His mouth to utter a thing yet; just manifested Himself in His revelatory light!
He just showed up moving spiritually and dynamically; hovered in a brooding that was loud in His quiet confidence!
Can you “see” Him; able to move all things to utter expectation of ordered change in coming by the turns and degrees that dispel void and darkness?
I “see” God moving upon; as over chaos darkness caused not in; nor moved or bound by it; but moving upon; brooding and pondering; had remained very present; working; governing all He spoke and said; even when unseen!
God is the very manifestation of spiritual order, protocol, and integrity that remains to move and effectually work despite the sinister presence evil creeping about and lurking as darkness brings.
Let it encourage and empower you to gain perspective that God just moving upon the Earth in majesty and splendor is powerfully spectacular all by itself.
So too is learning that the Spirit of God moving; is already effectual working in all things; already part of His formative process of ordered change.

We simply need a revelation and God brought that too!  It came in the form of the first Word He spoke before turning to do anything further; it literally lit up the Earth!

Let There Be Light