Follow Up & Follow Through

Follow Up: to pursue closely and tenaciously in order to increase the effectiveness or excellence of; by further action or repetition as it proves necessary.
It is to literally pursue unto a solution or conclusion by fully going after to increase effectiveness. It is to work to ensure or enhance the success or prospering of a thing by a commitment to; that remains positioned; stays ready with provision even as hard truths or such and such as might be required to maintain excellence.
To put it simply, remember the 3 Steps of “Following Up”:
1.) Increase effectiveness
2.) Enhance success
3.) Maintain excellence
followthroughFollow Through:  is an afterward action; commitment to forming as an actual momentum that seems to pursue after we’ve chosen to release.
Follow Through:  is having a deep sense of commitment to keep aiming; to actually continue to be with; guiding; facilitating what we’ve released; intending to help it carry out our aim unto expected conclusion or completion; as in bowling.
Remember the 3 Keys to “Following Through”:
1.) Commitment
2.) Momentum
3.) Release

followthrough2Follow Through: 
is a vitally important, powerfully committed stance taken; a final step quietly pursued after the releasing apparent ownership; any governing hold or ability to further direct anything we’ve sent forth on a mission.
Follow Through:  is also having a determined, intentionally focused stance; one staying an influential course; even after releasing an obvious control over. We remain dedicated and poised until we achieve the mark desired; as one does in archery!
As His followers, we need to know the difference and walk in both as God’s purpose in your life is revealed…