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As a revelatory instructor, Dr. Aikens receives life applicable concepts from The Word and His Spirit, to aid in living our life out loud for our good and His Glory.  In our natural and spiritual life, we are offered nuggets t0 keep within us until the appointed time that we need to apply them to enrich, guide or change our life and the lives of others. Dr. A’s instructions are spiritual nuggets; so be not deceived, even if you think you don’t need this concept today, embrace it and put it in your spiritual pocket for that day that you will need it. I offer this with love and grace for your growth, peace and a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ – Reverend Jane Babich.

Concept: Destiny, Distinction, and Difference

Declare this revelatory statement.
I have a destiny with a distinction to make a difference in this world. 

Destiny, also referred to as purpose, calling, vocation and or passion; is defined as the predetermined usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events revealed as the ordering of our steps. Destiny’s not a scriptural term; yet spiritual in nature; which exhorts believers to embrace it; traditionally or doctrinally.   

Destined, or your destiny is not a wish or hope someone has for us; nor can it merely be passed down through a familial line because we refused to personally participate or yield to its requirements of us.  Destiny as a part of the nature of God. God has a purpose for everyone and thing he creates.   

The Word says that in creation man was first made in God’s image, but remember; its then; “after” His likeness. This signifies we’re shaped and shaded according to destiny; all of which is encapsulated in His likeness; to walk out individually, as it becometh us individually to fulfill our purpose or destiny put in us by our Creator.  

That is what our having a soul reflects; that likeness we are given to God; “as it becometh us”; because we are His destined creatures and we are born already bound to journey and transition towards a certain  expected end. This spiritually signifies God has predetermined, planned, intended thus purposed, appointed, ordained, set apart already filled with every good and perfect gift that remains with and so working effectually upon us; preparing and sanctifying us for the day in which He shall release and send us liable and instructed; as His help meet for specific situations; even to do but that one thing that becomes spiritual pillar, posts, vehicle, shews, signs and or wonders which are always assigned to follow His Word towards its accomplishing and prospering; as He pleases and expects! 

Remember God had Jeremiah shock his people into realizing their ways and thoughts are not like His, but higher than; especially when speaking of those thoughts He thinks towards us. God knows our destiny as plans and thoughts He thinks towards us; thoughts which yielded to; can cause us to become a sign given men to connect; set to stay to distinctly make a difference as He wills and appoints. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Concept: Destiny, Distinction, and Difference

Distinction is also not a scriptural term, yet a highly spiritual one. It signifies that which whether seen or heard; speaks or points to or out; making clear a separation existing between what had been accepted as one thing; yet is now able to be revealed as another.  

It is a working that enables us to recognize, make note of; and able to make knowledgeable even wisely discriminating choices; in light of the difference that has now been revealed.   

A spiritual distinction has very little to do with what we do, accept being obedient.  God gives us each the distinction that we will need to work with our destiny to make that Godly difference in our life and therefore in our legacy. 

Concept: Destiny, Distinction, and Difference

Difference is used to signify variations in what normally exists or is accepted; whereby we ought to be able to make clear separates, especially for spiritual signification and direction.  

When we yield to our destiny and accept our God-given distinction we will be different and make a difference everywhere we go in His name. This is why it is so important that we do live our life out loud, following His voice; so that we will be and do what has been ordained for us to accomplish. 

The revelatory comes in realizing we have limited control over the expected twists, turns, and degrees of change that await us.  Consider scripturally that God is in ultimate control as revealed in Jeremiah 29:11 in which God declares I know the thoughts and plans I have for you; it goes on to tell us it all lead unto an expected end.  

Speak this over your life daily and watch what God reveals to you about your destiny in and for Him. I have a destiny with a distinction to make a difference in this world. 

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Audrey Aikens, Revelatory Instructor


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