Building Your Legacy – Elements (Part1)

Building Your Legacy – Elements (Part1)

As a recap, in the first segment of Building Your Legacy, we reviewed the definition of legacy along with the need for four foundational elements to be at work so that your legacy can bear fruit.

In this segment, we will look at two of the four foundational elements of Passion and Bravery.


Passion is one of the four elements of change in your life. As it relates to the element of passion being foundational in the building of our legacy, it is not about finding our passion. The element of passion is about the intense fire of enthusiasm that we bring into our legacy.

God gives us peace to not be concerned about seeking our passion, but to seek Him, and He will bring our passion or purpose to fulfillment.

I cry out to God Most High,
to God who fulfills His purpose for me.
Psalm 57:2

It is our responsibility to ” tend the fires of passion” within us so we can continue to build our legacy in difficult times and draw others to do the same.

Here are three things to help you respond with the passionate building when challenges try to hinder you.

1. Love who you are

I cannot bring the passion day after day into my legacy unless I first deeply love who I am.
Love of self in humility are the embers within my soul that the many adversaries blow on causing passion to push me on daily.

Standing against the challenges of life with passion is possible when I know that I am called, equipped, and viable to be liable in crafting my legacy.

2 Timothy 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect thoroughly equipped unto all good works.

2.Fuel Your Passion

Fueling takes time. Think about how much time it takes to put fuel in our cars on a busy day.
Fueling our passion requires that we take the time to learn and grow. Learning is the fuel that will keep the flow of passion in the work of our hands.
And growth gives us confidence as we build even in times of difficulty.

3.Share your passion

Sharing with passion is so powerful. We can share by joining a group of people with the same calling or purpose, or we can be a mentor to someone that wants to learn from us.
The power of sharing with passion is sharing the joy of the work. The joy of sharing with passion is tangible. Others feel it, see it, and are changed by experiencing your passion for something that brings you and them joy.

Sharing with passion about anything meaningful in your life will bring you joy and renewed ways of building your legacy for yourself and for those that are watching you.

When I utilize these three keys of moving with passion in your life, it will surely open opportunities for you to expand your impact and influence through the next element of building your legacy. That is bravery.


Bravery is one of the 4 elements of change in our life. Changes will come in life, but bravery is a choice. Many times choosing bravery will be the most natural response to a situation.  But there will be those times that choosing bravery will be extremely difficult because God has revealed to you in advance the cost of the choice, yet at the same time He laces it with the grace to say Yes.

The definition of choice is the right or ability to make a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Bravery originates from something done with a sense of bravado and boldness.  Boldness alone is doing it for ourselves, but bravery is when we do it with bravado to bring others along with ourselves into something different, new, or enlarged. 

Bravado is necessary for a stage actor. They are fueled by passion, but they move with bravery or bravado by bringing us all into what they do, how they do it, and why they do it. A stage actor does not do it for the money or fame, but they do do it by choice. Many others build their legacy with bravery, such as these.

  • Mentors choose bravery in letting others see deeply into their life and legacy to learn.
  • Warriors demonstrate bravery in fighting battles, they may not believe in, but choose to honor their oath. 
  • Mothers act bravely to protect family regardless of their strength or weapons. Family first is their choice.
  • Explorers exhibit bravery to seek and make known what was previously the unknown. They choose to risk all for the sake of discovery.

We must be brave of heart and spirit to go into new opportunities. Bravery is letting go of past failures and successes and embracing future growth challenges. 

Growth is necessary for your legacy and to enable you to continue to inspire and bring change to others.
Bravery is being us, in the midst of daily life and leading the way for others to do the same.
I would wish you the courage to walk unafraid.

We all need you to build your legacy with
Passion and Bravery.
Live with passion.
Be brave, be you every day. 

Until next time, remember, we craft our legacy daily, do it as it becometh you.

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