Ambassadors for Christ

Ambassadors for Christ

Ambassadors for Christ defined by
Dr. Aikens as a part of the Revelatory Bootcamp

Ambassadors for Christ are to be surrendered, purposed in heart and “peculiar”; or what the world feels is crazy enough to turn around and choose to be chosen.

Ambassadors for Christ, when choosing to be those chosen and sent ones are already known to God as His vessels unto honor. We are so because we are willing to not only disrupt our previous lifestyle, but we allow our calling to now affect and dictate all our future choices. 

Ambassadors for Christ are just like the worldly Ambassadors chosen, assigned then released and sent unto foreign countries as agents. It’s also this same dedicated peculiarity that makes these men and women walk worthy of the title Ambassador Extraordinaire Minister Plenipotentiaries.

Ambassador Extraordinaire is a title used in political circles defining those chosen to be Ambassadors called by this very special name that exemplifies exactly who/whose and what these extraordinary people are!

Ambassador Extraordinaire defines one who has been chosen based on the highest standards. It says their veracity and excellence have been found to be remarkably far and peculiarly beyond that which is usual, regular or customarily found among men. 

Ambassador Extraordinaire is one who is proved to be exceptional to such a marked extent or degree that they are called to come to be charged and trained to be “Agents” of their country or kingdom. 

Ambassador Extraordinaires are not released to go until they become totally constrained by an ear to hear and be led by the weight and the reins of their government.

Ambassador Extraordinaire – these men and women are both peculiar and unique and sent forth to serve at the pleasure of their “president” or in our case “God”; and to perform any service for Him that the ordinary among us … cannot or just will not handle.

2 Corinthians 5:20 “Now then, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us: we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be reconciled to God.”

Ambassador extraordinaire: exemplifies exactly who, whose and what these extraordinarily gifted people full of great integrity are!

Ambassador Extraordinaire Minister Plenipotentiaries.

Minister Plenipotentiaries declares that these peculiar people were “chosen” based upon their resilience, integrity, veracity, and excellence.

Minister Plenipotentiaries declares them ready to be assigned, released and then sent to go forth to the nations as their country’s or kingdom’s highest totally “constrained” diplomatic agents.  

Minister Plenipotentiaries are not only given the protection of full diplomatic immunity, but they are invested with full power to transact business on behalf of their government. 

Minister Plenipotentiaries have an integrity that withstands the most disdaining scrutiny as being unimpeachable. Their credentials, therefore, are impeccable.

Minister Plenipotentiaries “represent” the will and ways of He who sent him. They are expected to be accepted; just as if they were truly spoken and backed up by “Him”.

Minister Plenipotentiaries and we who are their spiritual counterpart as the Ambassadors for Christ never ever have the luxury of thinking anything we say is an idle word!  

Ambassadors Extraordinaire
Minister Plenipotentiaries

Ambassadors for Christ fully embrace the Filial Fear (Son’s fear) of the Lord. They live their lifestyle reflecting the image and likeness of God and move in His compassionate Love are completely undergirded with their knowledge of His Word and Grace.  

Their experience in dealing with the adversity of life while yet retaining their integrity and gifting declares them proved as exceptional to such a marked extent or degree that the Lord as our government claims them as His own.

Ambassadors for Christ truly “represent” the resilient integrity and Grace we need to successfully cleave away from relationships and the pull of the world to turn and choose instead to cleave wholly unto the Lord as His Agents.  

Thus we need to understand … Ambassadors for Christ are not only to be surrendered and purposed in heart and full of the Filial Fear of the Lord, but they must also be vessels of His extended Grace. This means we must be what the world feels is kind of crazy enough to turn around and choose to be chosen.  

Now understand when we choose to be chosen it means we become willing to not only disrupt our previous lifestyle but we allow our calling to now affect and dictate all our future choices.  We are peculiar enough to have chosen despite the needs of our flesh … to cleave wholly unto … the Lord.

Yet Beloveds we need to also understand … that it’s this same peculiarity that causes us to be chosen out from among others who are also full of ability and desire; to go and walk worthy of the vocation and title of “Ambassador Extraordinaire Minister Plenipotentiaries”.   Selah!

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