What’s in God’s Names? (Part One)

What’s in God’s Names? (Part One)

This post is the revelatory teaching notes that Dr. Aikens taught from in the Bootcamp entitled “What’s in God’s Names? (Part One) Posted by Rev. Jane Babich after attending the Bootcamp.

What runs rampant in the world right now; even among those, we think would know better? It is Fear!  Its common acronym is, “False Evidence Appearing Real”!  Still, it appears in scripture 506 times with 33 significations. But, the only signification that should move us; is knowing the blessed have a healthy “son’s” fear of the Lord. It keeps us mindful, grateful, in love, and awe knowing, “What’s in God’s Names, is what truly “Prevails” for us!

 “What is thought to be in a name” has often inspired, encouraged, intimidated, and or in some manner proved influentially significant. In many life situations, the first thing we learn about someone when introductions are made can cause rapid judgments to be formed about the person, though we have little other pertinent information; besides their name!

What’s in His Names? When it comes to the Spirit of the Lord aka the Spirit of God or Word of the Lord; each of these powerful names is the same manifestations of those powerful virtues and still comprise or contain but a drop of the essence of all it is He is.  

In God’s names, we find the powerful and profound essence of His omnipotence, omniscience, character, and integrity. We’ll find His omniscience is extremely diligent and expressed as He deigns to continually and ultraintelligently, think His thoughts toward us.

Thus, to show ourselves God’s approved agents; workmen who need not be ashamed; whatever and wherever assigned; it behooves us to press into our God and His higher than ways. His essence sees and knows all, and His universal knowledge of all past, present and future ordered steps, forever guide us.

God of All

We know in the beginning God is revealed as having created the world and everything in it. This includes in making us in His likeness; initially giving us, ability to hear, receive, consider, and respond to all He does and or requires. We gain His knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to enable us to not just retain but utilize, as life applicable.

But it is only as we as believers learn to press in towards marks God sets as a revelatory high calling, that we begin being strategically positioned to maturely do greater works purposed before we were born; according to all that God, thought toward us.

Thus, it behooves us to take time to consider a few of over one hundred names the Spirit of God, aka the Spirit of the Lord, is called scripturally. We’ll find many are chock full of information we need to trust enough to take stands on as if lives depend on it. They do!

As always, we can depend upon the Spirit of the Lord to cull even this compiled research to give us His revelation and scriptural significance in what’s stated about His nature and character. Then we can confidently withstand as overcomers in anything He reveals as not just what’s in His names; but will prove pertinent, as able to still speak to and bring all to pass concerning us in ways the enemy can’t resist, challenge, refute or deny.  

Consider how God’s names show us how in many ways and significations, that He truly is the very present help that we can look to in any time of trouble or any type of need.

Genesis 1:1-2 Apostle-phrased!

In the beginning, God prepared, formed, fashioned, and created the heavens and the universes in them, as He did the earth. Afterward of a catastrophic crisis, the earth appeared to have become completely without form and void, as darkness covered the face of the deep.

Then suddenly, despite darkness working it so, the Spirit of God as “Elohim”, revealed His presence. He was moving, hovering and brooding about how darkness did cover the face of His waters; thus, He said, “Let there be light”! And immediately, there was!

What’s in His Names?    Consider Elohim signifying He’s Almighty God and Spirit of God. He is first revealed so as we saw in Genesis 1:1-2 but also appears in other scriptures a total of 2597 more times. But as the first of His names revealed it enables us to see Him as He was, is and shall evermore be, our majestic ruler and Lord who prevails overall.

Also, consider Elohim signifies a triune plurality; thus, He though Them, is yet One. This is even as Adam was, so are we; created in that same image after, His own likeness.

So, His plurality foreshadows the much later revelation men received of His Godhead manifested as Father, Son,
and Holy Spirit.  His name declares Him higher than, far above all other gods and all power in His name and Word spoken and said.

We will continue in Part two to learn and reflect on the power of knowing these names of the Lord. As we stated earlier, this is just a few of over one hundred names the Spirit of God, aka the Spirit of the Lord, is called scripturally.

Knowing God’s names and the scripture reference for them equips us to walk in that knowledge as an overcomer and also builds on our relationship with God, as He desires.

Grace and Peace, Be Blessed

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