Legacy Tip: Legacy Element of Restful Emptiness

To hear more about Restful Emptiness as a Legacy Element, listen to the Build Your Legacy Podcast here. Restful Emptiness is the final of the four elements of change as part of the Building Your Legacy Podcast Series. No one can be effective in the other three elements of change if we do not practice restful emptiness. Bravery, Passion, and Forgiveness will wain in the building of our legacy unless we intentionally set time for restful emptiness. Hebrews 4:9-10 There remaineth, therefore, a rest to the people of God. For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. This ceasing from our works is entering into times of rest in God with open hands or without focus on anything but Him. When we are open-handed, it helps us…

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Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”
Walking direction on asphalt

Dedicated: “Committed, not just submitted.”

This is from a teaching series Dr. Aikens did entitle "Decisively Dedicated." The first post is a look at "Dedicated, "committed, not just submitted." When our perspective towards our calling or purpose is “it’s just what I do,” then veracity and excellence will not be what we strive to attain because we are settling for so much less, for God and from God. And if we don’t change our attitude, we will become ambivalent and indecisive about a need to invest ourselves to reach our maximum potential within that calling or purpose. And that is a problem. Ambivalence & Indecisive Ambivalence Ambivalence is when we have opposing attitudes, values, or thoughts coexisting in us at the same time. Ambivalence is being uncertain or indecisive as to which course to follow. As an attitude, ambivalence will hinder the preparation for excellence…

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Speaking Boldly: It Is Simplified Warfare!

In these our end times, speaking boldly is key! Understanding Simplified Warfare, according to the scriptures, is key! This teaching from Dr. Aikens is timeless because it is The Word, but it is for today, no matter what you are today because it is full of the Holy Spirit's revelation through His Servant. As you partake of this wisdom and revelation, Dr. A. walks you through part of the Book of Acts via what we call "Apostle-phrased." "Apostle-phrased" is when she takes The Word and through the Holy Spirit using the different versions, such as KJV and AMP, and combines them into a paraphrased writing that gives us clarify and applicability for such a time as this. Read, pray and ponder this meaty message from Apostle Dr. Aikens on "speaking boldly," now and always as we are lead by His Spirit. Glory! This post…

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The Art of Management and Marriage

I want to share with you two extraordinary roles that over time have become looked on as ordinary. They look ordinary because those that skillfully do them make it look so easy and natural. But the truth is there is nothing easy, natural, or ordinary about them. I am speaking about "The Art of Management and Motherhood". So why do I pair these seemingly different roles together? I do so because I have occupied both of these roles for over 30 years and I know that they are more similar than different. Those of us that are skillful at management and motherhood carries a wide range of influence on this generation and the generations that will follow after we move on to a new season. Art is not perfect and neither are we. But art is skillful and so are…

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