Revelatory High Calling: Spiritual Minded Living Gives Being (Part 8)


The revelatory is, it signifies those who in gratitude press in and past even themselves; to come sincerely worshiping Him; determined to withhold nothing. Thus, we’re to be willing to give ourselves away to be used by Him, to in the process; be that same blessing unto others. Such “true worshipers” are acceptable; as is what we may have thought of as being just a little we had; God declared much; when given from pure hearts; not merely following form, spiritual protocols dictate; or by rote, for as learned habits they have no basis of gratitude for giving.


Session Notes are the notes that Dr. Audrey Aikens teaches from in an individual setting. After spending hours in the presence of the Holy Spirit to hear and document the essence of what He wants her to impart to those He knows will have an ear to hear what the Spirit says through His Servant.  Dr. Aikens uses these notes to teach from while being open to the Spirit to share additional revelation as she teaches.


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