Revelatory Expository-Ministering Prophetically (Part 1)


Significations of word study by Dr. Aikens from the series “Ministering Prophetically”.
Sample from page 8: Accost: is to intentionally approach, encounter and so stop, in order to speak boldly or aggressively; in having power and or authority to urge, even demand others fulfill some expected request; now!

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Mini-Revelatory Expository Collection Dr. Audrey Aikens compiles, full of Revelatory Concepts, Definitions, and Significations; will be totally unlike any others you may encounter elsewhere. They’re designed to be study aids for those diligently studying the Word to show themselves approved; unto God. They offer you the opportunity to gain “more understanding” of revelation the Holy Spirit gives; as He’s still assigned to give those seeking Him; the wise enlightenment of truth.