Destined; As It Becometh Me!


Consider; spiritual ebbs and flow of those things God purposes to do in destiny; His using us as he sees it becometh us; whether separately; or flowing together as one; still has its powerful distinctions; despite time seeming to pass us by. This includes whether God gives us complete sight or understanding into what He does; other than those small parts it behooves us to know and become obedient to do. Proverbs 19:21


Session Notes are the notes that Dr. Audrey Aikens teaches from in an individual setting. After spending hours in the presence of the Holy Spirit to hear and document the essence of what He wants her to impart to those He knows will have an ear to hear what the Spirit says through His Servant.  Dr. Aikens uses these notes to teach from while being open to the Spirit to share additional revelation as she teaches.


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