Strategically Positioned: Strategically Frustrated & Sifted; Yet Being Content (Part 7)


Consider a time when a few chosen Jews were sent from Persia to participate in the “God ordered” great work of rebuilding His temple. It had laid in ruins 70 years while Persia had held them in prophesied captivity. But now God, providing for what He orders; opened a great but effectual door. It gave ordered opportunity for those chosen to go work out their own portion to accomplish exploits of His great work. Yet, they did face great opposition from the mixed population the enemy permitted to occupy Judah’s Jerusalem in the interim of captivity. The Jewish historian Josephus signified these opposers were of the same ilk David saw come in having gathered themselves together; to come “help” him as he hid in the wilderness fearing Saul. They were in fear too as those in distress, in debt; so discontented. 1 Samuel 22:2


Session Notes are the notes that Dr. Audrey Aikens teaches from in an individual setting. After spending hours in the presence of the Holy Spirit to hear and document the essence of what He wants her to impart to those He knows will have an ear to hear what the Spirit says through His Servant.  Dr. Aikens uses these notes to teach from while being open to the Spirit to share additional revelation as she teaches.


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