Dedication & Six Degrees of Renewal

Dedication & Six Degrees of Renewal

This is from a teaching series Dr. Aikens did entitle “Decisively Dedicated.” The first post was “Dedicated, “committed, not just submitted.” The next was “Dedicated: Danger Mindless Dedication. This post is the highlights from “Dedication: Six Degrees of Renewal. .”

The simple renewal covers a pervasive and broad scope of renewal.  It is a degree of renewal sought by those that feel worn out, exhausted, attacked, or worthless, But through renewing revival, they are suddenly brought to a degree of change that “alters” where they have been or what they’ve been feeling.

Simple renewal implies something is done to restore a semblance of our lost or diminished vitality or excitement. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we are changed one bit or that anything has been done to prevent us from quickly reaching this same point of exhaustion again. We all need and rejoice in times of revival, but without lasting change, we find ourselves searching and partaking in God’s reviving grace time and time again.

This second degree of renewal is when we need to be “rejuvenated.” This implies we have begun to be somewhat varied in our behavior, actions, or ability to be pleasing to the Lord and edifying to others.

We know without anyone asking or telling us that we need reviving, it can be apparent through our being moody or in our fainting of desire to continue in the ways of God. We can praise our way out of this, and as we do, a manner of vigor, even dedication, is restored to us, but!

But if a storm comes, if adversity comes, we are still unable to recover and respond. We become reactive because we still have all the old things of emptiness and weariness working within us.

Rejuvenation renewal occurs after an impartation of strength and life not previously available to us. It enables us to regain the physical, mental or spiritual vigor we thought was gone forever.

But again, without lasting change, when this degree of renewal occurs, we rise but are determined to continue using the same methods and beliefs that brought us to the place of seeking renewing rejuvenation. This rejuvenation is like charging your car battery instead of investing in a new one. The charge or rejuvenation will be necessary again, and although the charge is usually available, our trust in that source limits our commitment or in the Lord our dedication.

The third degree of renewal is called “refreshing,” which implies we needed and receive a modification that gives us a new infusion that we drastically needed to cause us to dedicate ourselves again.

This refreshing enables us to reopen ourselves to hearing and obeying the Spirit of God. Refreshing is what we do when we need Revelation or a Rhema Word to restart us. Refreshing gives us a new transparent, concise, and robust view of where we are and where we need to go.

Revelation reveals divine truth or wisdom from God that we did not have before this impartation.

Rhema Word is when God’s words are spoken and become alive and active in our hearts and lives.

These times of refreshing renewal cause modification. Modification is when change is recognized and tangible. This is the first degree of renewal that brings change. Glory!

The fourth degree of renewal is to undergo “renovation.” It more so implies we have suffered trauma, confusion, distractions, or fears that leave us needing to go through cleaning up and cleaning out the process so that we can again conform to the image of Christ, taking hold of our issues so that they do not take hold of us.

Ephesians 4:22-24 – You were taught, concerning your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.

Therefore, a time of renewing renovation suggests being we will be brought back to that which is spiritually acceptable. However, it does not necessarily certify that we are now in excellent working condition. The extent of renovation depends on how much we are willing to yield or invest ourselves in its process. God is a gentleman and does not force us to go any farther than we are willing. He is able, but we must be willing.

Our fifth degree of renewal is “restoration.” This usually suggests hard labor of love and grace is taking place in our lives in stages. When restoration comes, it is like having once been found or deserted and yet brought back to a new awareness of life. Still, once we are released (the next degree of renewal), we will then experience the excellence that will cause us to surpass the places of exhaustion our original condition brought us to.

Restoration suggests a reciprocal process of intense giving and receiving taking place that we drastically need to experience, such as a reawaking or reactivating that practically resurrects our whole sense of purpose. Again, this process takes time and is progressive if we continue to yield to this demonstration of God’s great love for us to be whole.

Restoration brings all areas of our life into a renewal of design and usefulness. This fifth degree of renewal requires that we are fully open to God’s plan of the demo (which we will experience) and rebuilding from the inside out. God loves us so much that He does not just externally fix us. He does the building up of our walls and mending our hearts. In this restoration, the purpose is revealed when the precious work is done.

Psalms 23:3 He restores my soul, He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His namesake.

And Beloveds, we must show grace and patience when God is working on others in this great restoration. As His agents, we are to do what we can, as led by the Spirit, to aid in that restoration.

Isaiah 58:12 And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shall raise the foundations of many generations: and thou shall be called, The repairer of the breach. The restorer of the paths to dwell in.

Although restoration is a demanding process of change taking a great time, work, and investment, it is full extent only revealed in stages ranging from transformation to complete conversion. All our wiring is exposed at points; our plumbing is done, walls torn out; we can see to be a real mess. But we experience restoration to its most significant degree when we become willing to allow all things to become made new again.

Transformation is a thorough and dramatic change of form, direction, or character that takes multiple steps executed with greatness.

Conversion is a change of form, character, and function, resulting in a new direction and focus.

Restoration: A new mind, a clean heart, the renewed right spirit, and a decisive dedication of our way and will to God.

To be understood, “restoration” is the most significant degree of purging of the old is experienced to achieve the highest degree of renewal. Restoration is always time-consuming, demanding, and even painful while also requiring the most investment of all the degrees of renewals.

Finally, as the old is restored, each stage of transformation ushers in a fresh new sense of vision for the higher purpose, which leads us to the sixth degree of renewal, the renewal of release. Released to be used by God in His Kingdom work.

As restoration is known to have the most significant change points, it also opens many opportunities to get distracted or impatient with the process. So it will always be about our choice and our willingness to invest ourselves in counting and paying the completed restoration cost. It is in that waiting and paying that we will then walk in the power of release.


So let us “decisively dedicate” ourselves to patiently be guided by the Spirit through the six degrees of renewal in preparation for being released as His agents of veracity and excellence unto the work we each are called.

The next part of this series is “Released by God’s Power of Renewal.” Look for it in your email, and it will be coming soon.

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